10 Best App Lockers for Android You Can Use

A smartphone is an extremely private device. In social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, and others, we have private messages and data. Then there are the banking applications, which are where a lot of our private information is kept. We take a lot of intimate pictures and videos as well, which are preserved in the gallery app on our smartphones or occasionally hidden by photo-hiding programmes. In contrast to iOS, which requires jailbreaking in order to lock apps with Touch ID, Android has a tonne of clever apps that enable you lock apps using a password, PIN, fingerprint scanner, or other extremely inventive methods. Therefore, if you’re seeking for Android app lockers that let you use your device’s fingerprint sensor to lock apps, you’re in luck. The top 10 Android app lockers are listed below.

Best App Lockers for Android in 2022

1. Norton App Lock

Most likely, you are familiar with Norton, a well-known anti-virus provider. The firm does, however, provide an excellent app locker for Android. If you’re searching for a free and ad-free app locker that just works, the Norton App Lock is a fairly straightforward option. You may lock apps using a fingerprint, PIN, or pattern with Norton App Lock. There aren’t many options here, but you can stop it from being uninstalled by giving it administrator rights. Additionally, there are options for setting a recovery email and a sneak peek feature that takes pictures of intruders who repeatedly enter the incorrect PIN or pattern.


2. AppLock Fingerprint & Password

One of those app lockers with several functions in addition to safeguarding programmes from unauthorised users is App Lock by SailingLab. In addition to the normal PIN, fingerprint, and pattern protection measures found in app lockers, this one also includes a photo vault, an intruder selfie tool to catch would-be intruders, and message security, which allows you to hide chat alerts from sensitive apps. Additionally, it has a private browser, though I wouldn’t really advise using it.

AppLock appears to be a feature-rich app vault that performs a decent job of keeping your chats and private apps safe from prying eyes. Not to mention, lock screen themes are also available, so there’s that. However, there are certain adverts that you could see on the lock screen, and these might be bothersome at times. Simply told, App Lock by Sailing Lab can be a good choice if you’re seeking for a comprehensive solution that can lock your apps and also hide photographs and videos on your Android device.

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3. AppLock Fingerprint

Another well-liked app locker for Android is AppLock Fingerprint (yep, that is the app’s name on the Play Store), and for good reason—it has a tonne of fantastic features. Support for fingerprint scanners, PINs, and the ability to set unique passwords for each app are all available. Additionally, you can configure profiles and have the app locks activate at specific times or based on WiFi and Bluetooth connections. The app locker also allows you to lock system preferences, the home screen, rotation, and other things in addition to apps.

The software can be hidden, unlocked remotely by SMS, and has a function called Observer that, as the name implies, takes pictures of failed unlock attempts. Ads are present in AppLock Fingerprint, but you can get rid of them by making an in-app payment. Overall, if you enjoy toying with a variety of possibilities, this is the software to download.

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4. IVY AppLock

IVY For Android, AppLock is a well-liked app locker that offers a variety of features. AppLock keeps things comparatively simple while providing some of the most necessary features, in contrast to some other app lockers that go overboard with functionality. Almost any programme you want to secure may be locked with this app. The programme offers password, pattern, and PIN locking for apps. You can use the app’s invisible pattern lock and randomised keyboard for additional security.

You can also lock your private images and videos in addition to apps. Additionally, the app will automatically take images of anyone who tries unsuccessfully to open a protected app. Additionally, the programme enables disguising, allowing you to change the app icon to resemble those of the clock, weather, calculator, and other system apps.


5. BGNmobi AppLocker

BGNmobi Another Android programme you may use to lock your secret or private apps is called AppLocker. The app offers fingerprint, pattern, and password locking. If your phone does, however, support face unlock, this programme is sadly unable to use that to help you unlock apps. Additionally, there is an intruder selfie feature that will snap a photo of anyone attempting to open your encrypted apps without your permission or knowledge.


6. AppLock Pro

You can look into AppLock Pro, another Android app locker. Over 200 thousand people have given the app good ratings, and it offers a tonne of options to meet your needs. Apps may be simply locked, and the software supports pattern, PIN, fingerprint, and even knock code authentication. Like many other Android app lockers, AppLock Pro has the ability to photograph users who attempt to open your secret apps.

You can even disable alerts and create a false error message with AppLock Pro to deter anyone from attempting to launch your closed apps. Invisible lines for pattern locks, support for themes, a phone cleaner, and other features are also included in the programme. You can test out this feature-rich Android app locker to protect your personal data.


7. App Lock by Smart Mobile

Due to its simple design and clear interface, App Lock by Smart Mobile, a relatively new app locker in the Play Store, has acquired a lot of popularity. It allows you to lock apps using your preferred fingerprint, PIN, or pattern, just like the other app locks on the list. Profiles, a special feature, classifies the apps into general, sensitive, social, and payments categories. In reality, you can make your own profile and add the apps you want. One advantage of profiles is that you can quickly and easily implement a set of rules.

When you get home, you may, for instance, open all of your social media applications with an one tap instead of adjusting the lock permissions for each one individually. In addition, you can set the programmes to Administrator status to prevent uninstalling by others. However, because it is a system-level privilege, I wouldn’t really advise that. Overall, I think App Lock by Smart Mobile is a nice app locker with lots of useful features. You should definitely give it a shot.

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8. AppLock

One of the many Android app lockers bearing the name “app locker” is AppLock. It’s easy to see why the app isn’t very well-liked. If you can get beyond the antiquated UI, it has some extremely interesting features. App Locker offers specific lock settings that can be set for each app in addition to the standard app locking options. Therefore, you can designate a fingerprint as the primary lock method for one app and a pattern as the primary way for another. In addition, the app allows you to select a crash cover, establish an app re-lock delay, and do other things. Ads are present, however you can get rid of them by buying the app’s full version.

Download: ($0, Pro $3.99)

9. App Lock by Lucky Mobile

This app from Lucky Mobile, which also goes by the moniker App Lock, may lock all of your private apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. Even banking apps can be locked using this. The software enables passwords, patterns, and even fingerprint unlocking. It is simple to select and remove apps that you want to lock or not lock, and you may choose which apps to lock. The app is free to use and contains all the typical features seen in other app lockers.

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10. Apex Launcher

Although it’s not strictly an app locker and has no connection to Apex Legends mobile, this Android launcher has built-in app locking features. As a result, you can give your phone a new design and lock any private apps that you wish to keep private. Custom app icons, icon packs, transition effects, personalization, and more are supported by the launcher itself.

You can quickly lock Facebook, Snapchat, your gallery, and any other applications with a PIN or pattern using the built-in app locker. The app will eventually feature fingerprint locks if your phone has the necessary hardware. Apex launcher is a respectable choice because it allows you to conceal your private images and videos.

Download: ($0, Pro $8.99)

Lock Your Personal Apps with the Best App Lockers for Android

There are many different app locks available on the Play Store, but the ten apps mentioned above are unquestionably the finest ones for Android. You may pick the app that best suits you because each one of them supports the fingerprint scanner and offers some special features. Therefore, give these app lockers a try on your Android phone and share your thoughts with us in the comments area below.