10 Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments You Must Use

For Minecraft gamers, bows are underappreciated in-game weaponry when compared to tridents, swords, and even axes. Due to the added work involved in using arrows, many beginners choose not to build bows. But you can quickly make bows the most potent weapon in Minecraft by employing these greatest bow enchantments. All you need is a precise purpose to make it work. The greatest sword enchantments would be a better choice, however, if close-quarters combat is more your thing. Additionally, you can always use these finest trident enchantments to blend long- and close-range fighting. After that, let’s get straight into our list of the top bow enchantments available in Minecraft.

Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft (May 2022)

The bow enchantments mentioned here are compatible with both the Java and Bedrock versions of the game of Minecraft. Each of these enchantments has also been tested on the most recent Minecraft 1.18 release. As a result, you can be certain about the compatibility.

1. Punch

The slight shove that almost every attack in the game gives the recipient is known as knockback. And our first bow enchantment, punch, adds an additional 3 blocks to the knockback that is dealt. Due to the fact that you can only upgrade it once, Punch II allows you to use a single arrow to push an in-game object a maximum of 6 further blocks.

However, more knockback doesn’t necessarily indicate more damage. It’s still a fantastic strategy to get out of difficult circumstances or direct crowds in specific directions. It is comparable to the knockback sword enchantment. However, due of the already-maintained distance, the knockback effect is significantly more potent with a bow because you have more time to flee, conceal yourself, and even make things.

2. Power

One of the most popular bow enchantments in Minecraft is called Power, and as the name implies, it boosts the damage that arrows can deliver. There are a maximum of 5 levels in this enchantment. At level V, an arrow fired without a charge will still do 1.5 hearts’ worth of damage. Additionally, an arrow’s maximum charge has a lethal damage rating of 12.5 hearts. In Minecraft’s multiplayer mode, it makes bows useful in 1 against 1 fighting.

3. Flame

Flame, as its name suggests, ignites entities. The damage from the fire, which lasts for five seconds, is roughly equal to 2.5 hearts. It can be used to start candles, campfires, and TNT. But you cannot light put other blocks on fire, unlike fire charge or flint and steel. Flame kills food-based creatures cause them to drop cooked meat rather than raw meat.

The flame enchantment also has no effect on the majority of nether dimension creatures, as it does with many fire-based attacks. They sustain typical arrow damage. Similar to this, when a mob is shot through rain or water, the flame effect doesn’t also function on them.

4. Unbreaking

Some things, such as tools and weapons, in Minecraft have a predetermined durability and degrade after a set period of use. A bow lasts longer when the unbreaking enchantment is used. Technically, it lessens the likelihood that durability may decrease when using a bow. You may guarantee that your bow will endure long enough even during arduous and protracted conflicts by adding three tiers of improvements. This is probably the simplest bow enchantment to locate out of the many great ones in Minecraft.

5. Mending

Similar to unbreaking, repairing extends the life of your bow. But rather than making your bow more durable, it allows you to fix or restore the diminished durability of your bow. Experience orbs, which you can readily obtain by killing enemies, are required for repairs. Therefore, as long as you keep slaying mobs, your bow will continue to heal. This enchantment can make your bow or other things practically indestructible when used in conjunction with repair.

Keep in mind that until the bow is fully fixed, you cannot gain experience that will raise your level. Additionally, if you have numerous items with mending applied, the game will choose and repair one at random. As a result, occasionally the game chooses an item that doesn’t require quick repair.

6. Infinity

One of the best and most well-liked bow enchantments in Minecraft is called Infinity. It essentially gives you an endless supply of arrows to use with the bow. In a technical sense, it prevents the bow from using any arrows. You must still have at least one arrow in your inventory for this enchantment to work, so keep that in mind.

You cannot pick arrows that are fired with an infinite amount of force in the game since they were never in your inventory to begin with. Similar to before, tipped or spectral arrows are not compatible with this enchantment. Additionally, mending and infinity are incompatible. One of these clever enchantments can only be used on your bow.

7. Curse of Vanishing

There is a negative enchantment that you shouldn’t want for after all the best bow enchantments in Minecraft. One of the most well-known enchantments, the curse of disappearing, makes the bow evaporate upon death rather than dropping as an item. That implies neither you nor your bow can be recovered after respawning if an enemy steals it. Once it vanishes, you must start over with the bow and reapply the enchantments.

This is only useful if you want to stop other players in multiplayer mode from stealing your goods. To stop your bow from despawning, put it in a chest or manually drop it. There is no method to get rid of this enchantment, which is present on the majority of game objects. If you’re using any additional enchantments, see our in-depth article here to find out how to get rid of them in Minecraft.

Bonus: Best Crossbow Enchantments

By chance, you can upgrade your bow to a crossbow if you have an iron ingot and a tripwire hook. A crossbow is more potent than a typical bow, as you might anticipate. It therefore has some fascinating enchantments as well. Following are a few of the unusual ones:

1. Quick Charge

In FPS games, crossbow reload times are comparable to those of rifles. That is why users cannot use it to repeatedly shoot arrows at enemies. However, the crossbow’s rapid charge enchantment can cut the reload time by up to.75 seconds.

In fact, the crossbow becomes faster than conventional bows at level three of quick charge, making it the supreme ranged weapon. You can use instructions to advance it to level six if you’re using the Java version. After then, the charmed crossbow’s reload time is essentially eliminated.

2. Multishot

One of the most common crossbow enchantments in Minecraft is multishot. Players can simultaneously shoot three missiles thanks to this feature. However, doing so just depletes one item from your stock. As a result, you can shoot three arrows for the price of one.

However, be aware that repeating your arrows and rocket launchers may deplete your durability. While employing fireworks costs nine durability points, using multishot with arrows only costs three. So unless you can make another crossbow, get the mending enchantment first.

3. Piercing

The penetrating enchantment is the final crossbow enchantment in Minecraft. It enables the arrows to be fired to pass through objects and keep travelling until they strike another target. It’s a fantastic strategy to eliminate numerous adversaries simultaneously and conserve ammo.

Try Bow and Crossbow Enchantments in Minecraft

With the aid of these top bow enchantments for Minecraft, you may now become a master of long-range battle. The enormous caves and high mountains in these top Minecraft 1.18 seeds will make them even more useful. Concerned about your safety during combat? Applying the best armour enchantments can practically make you bulletproof. Then, with a little practise with aim, you’ll be almost as powerful as Legolas from The Lord of the Rings in Minecraft. Make some of the best Minecraft potions when you’re ready to enhance your character and carry on exploring the world. In relation to the bow enchantments, list your additional top favourites in the comments area. Until then, have fun discovering!