10 Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds You Should Try

The Jungle biome in Minecraft is one of the few and most popular options for players. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the top Minecraft Jungle seeds that will transport you to this well-liked biome as soon as you spawn. Every seed has different characteristics, loots, and some even have jungle temples next to the spawn. These seeds should function on the majority of Minecraft Java Edition versions that support this biome. Using them on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft won’t work since the Java and Bedrock editions work differently. Therefore, don’t spend any more time and start browsing the list of top Minecraft Jungle seeds.

Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds (2022)

While describing the seeds, we supplied coordinates for the optimal areas after testing these Jungle seeds on Minecraft version 1.17.1. Keep the integer value in mind as you begin to investigate the seeds. Your entire universe will change when a number or the negative sign (-) is changed. Use the table below to move right to a jungle seed you find intriguing because the list has no set order.

1. Jungle Island with Ruined Portal and 2 Shipwrecks

We have one of the luckiest jungle seeds you can discover in Minecraft to start things off strong. You start out on a deserted island in the jungle biome, right near to a shipwreck. Then, a ruined portal and another shipwreck are both not far—less than 50 blocks—from the first wreck. You’ll enjoy visiting this island with your buddies, and the likelihood of this happening is very low.

The seed will be much more exciting to investigate because practically every neighbouring piece of land will also be in the Jungle biome. Digging down will enable players who want to remain on the island to discover several caves and even cave spider spawners.

  • Seed: 7777777777988733304
  • Cave Spider Spawner Coordinates: X: -12, Y: 28, Z: -17
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 63, Y: 64, Z: 24
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 29, Y: 68, Z: -74
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 42, Y: 64, Z: -4

2. Huge Jungle with Jungle Temples

You will adore this Minecraft jungle seed if you enjoy being in the wild. You appear to be spawned in the centre of a globe with solely jungle biomes. You will only encounter Jungle no matter how far you travel from spawn—even a few hundred blocks away. Further, all the other directions contain more jungle, which then spreads into the forest biome, with the exception of one that is a desert.

The ideal Minecraft setting for a base in the woods is this jungle seed. Additionally, to add to the intrigue, there are two jungle temples that are conveniently located less than 200 blocks from your spawn. Be careful when investigating them to stay away from the booby traps.

  • Seed: 573398763507649
  • Jungle Temple 1 Coordinates: X: 109, Y: 64, Z: 69
  • Jungle Temple 2 Coordinates: X: -154, Y: 75, Z: 127

3. Jungle with 3 Ocean Ruins

It is challenging to even locate ocean ruins because they typically develop underwater. In that viewpoint, this jungle seed feels broken, but from the perspective of a Minecraft player, it’s one of the greatest. In this seed, we find a jungle biome and three oceanic ruins next to a beach. You will even find a hidden treasure map in one of the three boxes, each of which has its own special characteristics.

With no more than 10 blocks between the three ocean ruins, they all randomly create. With an ocean on one side and a frozen ocean on the other, you spawn in a forest biome next to a jungle biome. You can also easily locate a shipwreck buried beneath a glacier in that frozen ocean. Although a map to the hidden treasure is not present here, the other items are very alluring. If this isn’t enough for you, you can also find a decrepit underwater gateway close to this shipwreck.

  • Seed: 783540347
  • 3 Ocean Ruins Coordinates: X: -252, Y: 72, Z: 392
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -415, Y: 37, Z: 676
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: -297, Y: 72, Z: 643

4. Jungle Temple at Spawn

You may simply enter the jungle temple close to where this seed spawns you. This temple is surrounded by a sizable biome of plains and desert, which is followed by a sizable jungle that you are free to explore to your heart’s content.

However, you might want to go a few blocks behind the temple and start excavating underground at the coordinates we’ve provided below before you go exploring. If you continue to descend, you will eventually enter a vast mineshaft. There are several creatures and excellent loot to be found there.

  • Seed: 2029492581
  • Entry to Mineshaft: X: 200, Y: 65, Z: 19

5. Taiga Forest, 2 Jungle Temples, and a Village

This is the first seed in our list of the greatest jungle seeds for Minecraft that is close to a village. Don’t get lost in the vast Taiga biome where you spawn because there is a Jungle biome just beyond the small river in the middle. You can easily locate a Jungle Temple ready for you to loot it as soon as you enter it. It’s not the only temple in the area, either. There is another temple with incredible loot toward its centre if you venture far enough into the Jungle environment.

  • Seed: -246626509256018
  • Village Coordinates: X: -215, Y: 64, Z: -179
  • Jungle Temple 1 Coordinates: X: -446, Y: 70, Z: 7
  • Jungle Temple 2 Coordinates: X: -698, Y: 66, Z: -2

6. Bamboo Forest with Ruined Portal in a Jungle

In this list of the finest Minecraft jungle seeds, we have already explored some bizarre realms, but this one is a bit easier. It gives us a sizable rainforest with a river and bamboo forest embedded inside it. A ruined portal with great loot is located next to that bamboo jungle. Additionally, this spot is perfect for looting underground. The jungle generates a large number of caves that are just ready to be explored by players. Although there isn’t a lot of variety in the biomes here, there is a lot of room for exploration.

  • Seed: 1959330209
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 211, Y: 64 Z: -8

7. Endless Jungle

Without installing Forge in order to use mods in Minecraft, the world generation feature will prevent you from getting an unending biome of one type. This jungle seed, nevertheless, comes very close. Even with the greatest render distance, the Jungle biome is all that is visible for hundreds of blocks. The jungle includes multiple cave entrances and even a ravine cave for you to explore, which will add to the fun. The Bamboo forest, which reaches into the plains biome, is then accessible if you’re looking for some diversity.

Players seeking a more forest-like atmosphere could head to a settlement near the Taiga and Jungle biomes. It only has 2 houses, which gives it a certain degree of rarity. On the road to the Bamboo Forest, there is also a Jungle Temple that you can stop at and plunder.

  • Seed: 2846244733539626719
  • Bamboo Forest Coordinates: X: -546, Y: 67 Z: -223
  • Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: -362, Y: 69 Z: -274
  • Ravine Cave Coordinates: X: -18, Y: 63 Z: 117
  • Taiga Village Coordinates: X: -693, Y: 72 Z: 134

8. Jungle Near Mineshaft, Jungle Pyramid, & Mountain

This intriguing seed has a number of hidden advantages. Other than the picturesque fusion of the Mountain and Jungle biomes, the seed feels very typical when you spawn. However, if you only go a few blocks in the direction of the mountain and begin excavating, you will first discover a massive cave before coming across a mineshaft.

After finishing there, you can begin exploring further into the forest to locate a Jungle Pyramid. In this world, there is a Ruined Portal that can be found if you chose to explore the mountainside. If everything else fails, you can move on to the Taiga biome, which is located beyond the Jungle. It has a village where farmers, shepherds, and a weaponsmith are waiting to trade you valuables. Another excellent Jungle seed that you should try using in Minecraft is this one.

  • Seed: 928443074804576
  • Jungle Pyramid Coordinates: X: -250, Y: 70, Z: 31
  • Village Coordinates: X: 230, Y: 75, Z: 552
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -414, Y: 97, Z: 264
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 132, Y: 19, Z: -175

9. Jungle Spawn with Village and Underground Ruined Portal

Our next Minecraft seed is pleasant since you may enter a settlement on the plains that is perched on the brink of a jungle right from the spawn. There are many houses and different types of villagers there for you to find enough stuff. Then there is a unique ruined portal not too far away. They often generate above ground, however this seed includes a very uncommon underground ruined portal with excellent reward. The distance from the spawn place is under 250 blocks. It is located close to where the forest biome and the edge of the jungle meet. While digging for it, take care not to step into lava.

  • Seed: 4938764645735369472
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 230, Y: 55, Z: 47

10. Village in 3 Biomes and More

Our list of the finest Minecraft rainforest seeds concludes with a somewhat intriguing addition. We face a hamlet as we spawn in the plains biome, but as we get closer, we see that the village is actually split across three separate biomes: the plains, the desert, and the forest. While spawning, if you opt to glance to the village’s other side, you will see a decrepit portal nearby.

You can now access the Jungle biome by leaving the settlement. Also, if you dig a little bit further, you’ll discover a massive bamboo forest that has taken over this Minecraft planet. It’s the biggest seed I’ve ever seen. A Jungle Pyramid can also be found if you keep looking around. So, this seed offers a lot of variation as well as a lot of exploration opportunities.

  • Seed: 1970945029
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 232, Y: 63, Z: 159
  • Village Coordinates: X: 230, Y: 55, Z: 47
  • Bamboo Forest Coordinates: X: 431, Y: 63, Z: 432
  • Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: -218, Y: 65, Z: 879

Try out the Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

You now have all the information you require to explore the best Minecraft jungles. Our list of the greatest Minecraft seeds you should examine can be useful for gamers hunting for seeds outside of the Jungle biome. Try the greatest Minecraft modpacks to genuinely explore a new universe to improve your experience. To locate the specified sites, be sure to closely follow the coordinates. The majority of Minecraft Java Edition versions 1.14.1 and later support these jungle seeds. Some are still functional in more aged ones. It will take some time to explore each environment on this list of the greatest Minecraft Jungle seeds. Therefore, don’t waste any more time and get exploring!