10 Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds You Should Try

It’s time to switch the environment in Minecraft to something more icy after surviving the lonely Minecraft island seeds or the perplexing jungle seeds. There isn’t much in Minecraft winter biome seeds, so remember to take some extra food for the trip. There are several Minecraft biomes centered around cold and snowy areas, from snowy tundra to frozen oceans. You can discover some unique mobs here, such arctic bears and the Stray variant of the skeleton mob. Keep in mind that the lack of trees and domesticated animals makes frigid biomes difficult to survive in. The greatest Minecraft snow biome seeds for the Java and Bedrock editions are covered in the list below.

Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds (2021)

All of the seeds listed here have been tried and true on Minecraft 1.17 by us. The majority of them should function on any version higher than 1.14.1. For either version of the game, we have divided the seeds into two groups. However, the list isn’t organized in any particular order, so feel free to browse the seeds according to your interests. Additionally, we have listed all the crucial coordinates for each seed to make it easier for you to explore the planet.

Best Snow Biome Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

All versions of Minecraft Bedrock, including PC, console, and even Minecraft PE, will support the following seeds. Mob spawning may vary slightly, but the world as a whole will be much the same. Not to mention, you may enhance the experience by using RTX on a PC running Minecraft. After that, let’s look at our variety of seeds here:

1. Snowy Stronghold Village

Even though it seems impossible to survive in most of Minecraft’s chilly biomes, a little assistance can go a long way. This is the reason why the first seed has a snowy village. Although it is far from the spawn, it is absolutely worth the trip. It’s one of the biggest snowy villages in the game, and there are a variety of residents there to help you stock up on supplies. It’s ideal for getting started as well as for settling in the Minecraft universe.

Not to mention, the village’s winter appearance is an extra joy. If that isn’t convincing enough, there is a fortification hidden beneath the village. Therefore, you won’t need to go far to complete the game once you have gathered enough resources and the Eyes of Ender.

  • Seed Code: 19825025
  • Biomes: Plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: 1050, Y: 69, Z: 500
  • Stronghold Coordinates: X: 1060, Y: 69, Z: 500

2. Snow Kingdom

This Minecraft seed is for you if you want to build a base in a snowy environment. We spawn close to a gateway that has been abandoned and has looted enchanted objects. Additionally, a nearby plains settlement has additional supplies. And when you’re prepared, head west toward the ice biomes. To get there, you will need to travel through badlands, but the effort is well worth it.

There is a snowy village waiting for you once you arrive at the coordinates we have given you. Its surrounding features, including ice spikes, a frozen ocean, and snow, make it stand out in comparison to the vibrant badlands. It will be simple to build a snow base in this seed because the terrain is mainly level and there are already buildings there. Further journey will take you to the snowy plains biome if you decide not to stop here. However, because there aren’t many food-based mobs and edible plants, you might have to work hard for your resources.

  • Seed Code: 246669682
  • Biomes: Plains
  • Snowy Village Coordinates: X: 120, Y: 68, Z: 171
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 334, Y: 69, Z: 120
  • Plains Village Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 65, Z: 121
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 67, Z: 8
  • Snowy Plains Coordinates: X: -712, Y: 72, Z: 40

3. The Coldest Spawn

You don’t need to go anywhere to get our next suggestion for the greatest Minecraft snow biome seeds. With this seed, we immediately spawn with the snowy rewards. Our spawn site is surrounded by mountains made of snow, ice spikes, and snow. With three settlements and three Ruined portals to find, the territory is rather vast.

Once you have amassed sufficient supplies from the farmers and chests, there are three rather sizable ravines where you can find some ores. You may quickly convert one of these into a Nether portal using the obsidian from the ruined gateways. The final step is to locate a fortress. But since the barren snowy biomes aren’t really going anywhere, we advise you to locate a few food sources first.

  • Seed Code: 1541592643
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains & Forest
  • Nearest Village Coordinates: X: 24, Y: 67, Z: -296
  • Nearest Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 104, Y: 65, Z: 8

4. Snow Village with Pillager Outpost

This daring Minecraft seed places us in a sizable snow biome next to a snowy settlement. Here, you can acquire the supplies you need to begin your voyage, including food. Another sizable snowy settlement can be found if you continue into the snowy terrain. In close proximity to a Pillager Outpost. Due to hostile mobs, this condition isn’t ideal for the villagers, but it is an uncommon occurrence. Even an iron golem that has been trapped close by can be freed to aid in clearing the monsters.

  • Seed Code: 1405692302
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains and Taiga
  • Pillar Outpost Coordinates: X: 136, Y: 71, Z: 344
  • Snowy Village Near Outpost Coordinates: X: 136, Y: 71, Z: 248
  • Village Near Spawn Coordinates: X: 520, Y: 68, Z: 200
  • Nearest Taiga Village Coordinates: X: 632, Y: 67, Z: -312

5. Snow Biomes Everywhere

Analysis via Chunkbase

This seed has earned a spot in our list of the greatest Minecraft snow biome seeds thanks to the sheer amount of the snow biome it contains. This seed has other positive qualities as well, though. There are many settlements nearby, and one is only 100 blocks away from the spawn. Even a winter settlement built upon the stronghold can be found here. It’s one of the best survival seeds available in Minecraft if we take the Ruined portals into account.

  • Seed Code: -1840470832
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains and Taiga
  • Nearest Village Coordinates: X: 88, Y: 67, Z: 168
  • Village with Stronghold Coordinates: X: 968, Y: 67, Z: 72

Best Snow Biome Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition

Our following batch of seeds is appropriate for Minecraft Java Edition, which is supported by the majority of Windows PCs. On Chromebooks with ARM processors, Minecraft Java can even be installed. On other devices that run the Bedrock edition of the game, these won’t function similarly.

6. Abandoned in Ice

You are placed on a deserted island surrounded by icy waters when you use this uncommon Minecraft seed. Everything about this seed, from the polar bears to the dark color tone, will make you feel chilly. However, that also means that you will have to work more than normal to gather food and wood for all Minecraft survival gamers.

Avoid getting into conflicts with the hostile mobs because there isn’t even a village nearby. Underwater exploration of icy ruins is the greatest way to stay alive. However, the nearby drowning undead could be an issue. Regarding the positive aspects once more, this seed offers us one of the most recognizable nighttime views, as seen in the screenshot above.

  • Seed Code: -7865816549737130316
  • Biomes: Frozen Ocean
  • Coordinates: X: 121, Y: 69, Z: -9

7. Iced Village

Without include this seed, any list of the finest snow biome seeds for Minecraft would be lacking. It creates the most unusual kind of village you can think of. But keep in mind that since it’s far from our spawn location, it’s better investigated in the creative mode. Returning to the village, it is a whole settlement with a farm, residents, and an iron golem.

It stands out since it can be found on many levels of a snowy mountain. The settlement even has ice spikes all over it, giving it the appearance of being from the animated film Frozen. In creative mode, you can even locate some important resources beneath the village if you make it this far. There are other cave entrances nearby, and there are even ways to descend to the diamond level.

  • Seed Code: -4919525955627568481
  • Biomes: Forest
  • Village Coordinates: X: -28812, Y: 76, Z: 14596

8. Continuous Snow Biomes with 20+ Villages

Usually, Minecraft worlds generate snowy biomes that are limited to a couple of chunks. But this seed gives us a massive continuous snowy world, where other biomes feel out of place. It s easily the best seed for creating servers and cities based around the snow in Minecraft. Not only that, there are more than 20 villages, 2 pillager outposts, 3 zombie villages, countless igloos, and a lot more in a continuous stretch on this seed.

The best part, however, is that you spawn close to two such villages. That means you can load on resources before exploration. There s even a blacksmith in one of the villages to cover up your iron supply. And not to forget, there s also a stronghold within a thousand blocks area of spawn. So, other than being a great seed for snow biome lovers, it s a good Minecraft survival seed too.

  • Seed Code: -6019111805775862339
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains and Snowy Mountains
  • Nearest Village Coordinates: X: 216, Y: 69, Z: 312
  • Stronghold Digpoint Coordinates: X: 531, Y: 76, Z: -1244
  • Nearest Pillager Outpost: X: -312, Y: 72, Z: -696

9. Snowy Pillager Outpost at Spawn

This seed might be your most favorite or least favorite, depending upon if you survive it. On this seed, the game doesn t let you breathe a sigh of relief at any time, even when you have just spawned. It places you close to a Pillage outpost. The mobs might not notice you right away, so running right away is the best option. Fortunately, there s a village around the corner to help you out. But that s all the free help you get.

Once you are done looting the village, you can either go back to the outpost or jump into one of the many cave openings in that area. This seed is a challenging one, but it s quite popular among adventure lovers. Do keep in mind that you might also have to fight polar bears and not only the pillagers.

  • Seed Code: 5242181966618698341
  • Biomes: Frozen Ocean and Snowy Plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: 280, Y: 70, Z: 56

10. Village in 4 Biomes and Huge Snowy Mountain

The final entry on our list of best Minecraft snow biome seeds brings us a confusing village generation. We spawn near this village, which is a snowy village but extends across the snowy tundra, beach, desert, and plains biome. The loot in this seed isn t good either unless you only want food. Though, it can be a great place for a base built across two biomes.

We are only focusing on two because they dominate most of the area in this Minecraft seed. If you choose to travel towards the desert, you canfind a desert templeand a huge desert awaiting you. On the other hand, if you choose to travel towards the snow, it also leads to an equally massive snowy area. Once the tundra ends, you will find yourself in the ice spikes biome.

  • Seed Code: -22844233812347652
  • Biomes: Plains, Desert, Snowy Mountains and Beach
  • Village Coordinates: X: 8, Y: 67, Z: 24
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 328, Y: 70, Z: -328

Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds You Shouldn t Miss Out On

Whether you are looking for polar bears or just want to chill in the snowy lands, these Minecraft seeds have you covered. As we mentioned above, these seeds work best with Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition version 1.17. Though, if you have updated to the latest version, we have compiled a list of thebest Minecraft 1.18 seedsfor you. If you are looking for more variety and want to go beyond seeds, trying thesebest Minecraft modpacksmight be the best option. However, keep in mind that you will need toinstall Forge in Minecraftto run mods. If you are sticking with the seeds, do share the ones you come across in the comments section below. Now, don t wait for a second longer and start exploring these best Minecraft snow biome seeds!