10 Best Snapchat Drawings and How to Draw Them 

Snapchat is a social networking site that is constantly exciting. There are several unique Snapchat tactics to keep you interested in the app for longer, whether it be the captivating lenses, entertaining filters, or the popular stories. Snapchat drawings are worth a shot if you want to enhance the fun factor even more. Check out these 10 of the best Snapchat drawings and learn how to create them if you haven’t drawn on Snapchat yet or are seeking for some cool ideas to improve your sketching skills.

Best Drawings on Snapchat You Can Try in 2022

Precise control is what really makes a difference when drawing. A digital pen like the well-known Apple Pencil comes in handy in this situation. If you don’t have a stylus, what then? You are born with a good pointing device, so don’t worry. You can produce amazing Snapchat drawings with the use of your finger. There is no set guideline, so you are free to decorate your paintings however you choose with various colours, emojis, and even stickers.

How to Draw in Snapchat on iPhone and iPad

In order for you to better grasp the tools we used in our designs, let’s first learn how to draw on Snapchat.

1. To begin, open Snapchat on your device and use the camera switcher to alternate between the front and rear cameras as necessary.

2. Next, either take a photo or a video (works with both) or click the tinySnap symbol, choose Camera Roll, and then choose the picture on which you wish to draw.

2. Next, select Edit Photo from the menu by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.

3. After that, click the Pencil symbol in the top-right area of the screen. Then, tap on the colour palette and use the slider to select the desired colour.

4. It’s important to note that you may also embellish your drawing using emojis. Additionally, you may change the size of the pencil and emoji by pinching your forefinger and thumb together.

5. To undo an action if you make a mistake or simply want to, hit the back arrow in the top-right corner of the screen. Once you are satisfied with your drawing, save it by using the save button (upward-facing arrow). Additionally, click the next button to share your image as usual.

Best Snapchat Drawings

Check out some of my artwork now that you know how to sketch with the Snapchat app.

1. Your Beloved Santa

How long can you keep the beloved Santa out when you consider drawing an insanely bizarre Snapchat? It is just what you should choose to start off your holiday season with a tonne of enjoyment. Making this drawing is simple as long as your moustache and large beard are in tune. You can select to make the Santa younger and even funnier, though I’ve preferred to make him look a little older.

2. Halloween

What better way to frighten your pals than to unleash a terrifying Halloween Snapchat drawing? Let me tell you that drawing it is really simple if you’re wondering how to do it. Simply make or locate a skull online, then add it on Snapchat. When you’re finished, click the Pencil button in the top right corner. Then, use all of your spooky imagination to design a terrifying avatar.

3. An Apple a Day

This Snapchat drawing may have brought to mind the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” if you are familiar with it. It could not only make your pals laugh a lot but also encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle.

This Snapchat drawing was simple to create. Bring up a fresh apple and then use the colour palette at your disposal to give it the required appearance. I would advise you to be as light as possible, especially when drawing. Ensure that everything is kept as orderly as you can.

4. AirPods

You can’t avoid the fact that the original AirPods are by far the most well-liked true wireless headphones, whether you love them or detest them. The one-size-fits-all design, which was inspired by the iconic Stormtropper from Star Wars, yet manages to draw notice. In terms of my drawing of the AirPods, it is really simple. You can start fresh or bring up AirPods and customise their appearance using the built-in pencil. Make sure you choose black and white for a striking likeness.

You don’t have to be an expert to create a classic AirPods image. To draw AirPods, all you need is a background that is entirely white, coupled with the black and white colours. With a digital pen, you may create a drawing that is remarkable. However, if you work with it patiently, you can also rely on your finger to serve you well.

5. Waterman

You’ve probably heard of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Superman unless you’ve been living under a rock. But, by any chance, have you ever heard of Waterman? If not, it would be fantastic to have this mystical figure as well. I used a water bottle as the main object and a young boy as the main character in order to make the drawing more recognisable. However, you are free to use your own imagination.

6. Pizza Party

A quick glance at a hot and spicy pizza makes you want to take a huge mouthful. Well, this Snapchat drawing is inspired by that deliciously sweet feeling. Once more, there is no set method for creating this drawing. I would advise you to concentrate a little more on the eyes that are driven by hunger.

7. The Hipster

You need the hipster drawing to start a conversation. Despite being dead basic, it never fails to make people laugh. And that’s probably why I choose to pursue it repeatedly. Once you’ve taken a picture of yourself wearing a matching hat and beard, all that’s left to do is add a hip-hop touch to your outfit.

Launch Snapchat, slide over to the hipster lens, and then take a shot as usual to get started. After that, adjust the beard, hat, and hair so that they are all exactly positioned by pressing the pencil button. Oh, and don’t forget to give your clothing a hip-hop style so that it will also stick out.

8. I m Done

After a long day at the office, you want to put your glasses down and entirely shut off your laptop. Additionally, if you had a fight with someone, calling it a day is incredibly calming. I transformed the MacBook and glasses into a person for this image, and I then placed them on a pillow. And I purposefully chose a tired look rather than a witty one.

9. Egg Me Not

Numerous folks will continually encourage you to perform anything stupid or perhaps harmful. This provocative picture alludes to the extremely humiliating circumstance of being pressured to make a wrong turn. Create this drawing by snapping or sketching an egg, then giving it a human shape (just a bit). To make embarrassment obvious, make sure to display annoyance.

10. Little Teapot

This one, I imagine, would be quite appealing to tea lovers. Even if you’re not a huge fan, you would like this straightforward but attractive Snapchat drawing. Although designing a teapot is simple, for better control, you should use a digital pen. While I personally choose black and white, you can select any colour to fit your theme.

Bonus: The He-Man

You don’t need to dig deep to create The He-Man Snapchat drawing. As you might have figured, the key is to give your face a thick moustache. And if you want to go any farther, add a matching beard to give the face a more macho appearance.

Share Your Favourite Snapchat Drawings with Friends

You’re all set! These are some of the funniest and most entertaining Snapchat drawings, so, yeah. Remember, it’s not about winning the competition to become the most in-demand photographer or about being absolutely perfect. Giving the tiny pencil complete creative freedom can only help you create amusing and original drawings. Therefore, it is okay to show your friends and family your artwork even if it is not flawless. If you follow this same concept, you’ll probably produce some really great drawings quite frequently.