10 Best Ways to Avoid Fall Damage in Minecraft

Fall damage can be frightening for any player in Minecraft, regardless of experience level. Falling in Minecraft is no joke because it is one of the main reasons for in-game fatalities. Additionally, the dangers of fall damage are now greater than ever owing to the Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update. But maybe some of our most inventive Minecraft fall damage prevention tips can help you avoid taking a fatal fall. The techniques listed below work with both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. We’ll cover both accepted practises and well-known hacks that are the most effective in lowering fall damage in Minecraft. Even many Minecraft mods exist that you can use to prevent a fatal fall from happening to you, but that’s a whole other tale. For now, let’s discover how to prevent fall damage in Minecraft, whether it comes from a high mountain or an extra-tall base.

Avoid Fall Damage in Minecraft (2022)

In this sandbox game, the fall damage can be fatal to the majority of creatures and players after a certain height. Naturally, it has no effect on mobs that can fly. We’ll concentrate on how to lessen fall damage in vanilla Survival Minecraft because players aren’t all that strong in that game. So let’s get going.

1. Potion of Slow Falling

We’ll start with how Minecraft attempts to prevent Fall Damage. Potion of Slow Falling, one of the most helpful potions, can assist you in escaping difficult circumstances. It slows down your descent so that you sustain no fall injuries. Additionally, it gives you adequate time to make plans in case there is a hazardous situation where you are landing.

It is frequently used by players to prevent falling into the lava in the Nether. You must brew an awkward potion using ghost membranes in order to create a potion of slow falling. You will also need to create a brewing stand and many other things.

2. Feather Falling Boots

You may be aware as a Minecraft player that in-game potions have a limited lifespan. However, one of the best Minecraft enchantments offers a well-known fix. The Feather Falling enchantment can be applied to your footwear to lessen fall damage and protect you from unintentional falls. It doesn’t slow your fall down like slow falling does.

While reducing fall damage by up to 48%, the Feather Falling boots won’t render you immune to its effects. Other armour enchantments include those that offer projectile, protection, and blast defence. You can easily provide protection against fall injury up to 80% if you wear a mix of them.

3. Sneaking or Flying

This is more along the lines of never falling at all than exactly avoiding fall injury. On the PC version of Minecraft, you may hold down the Shift key to sneak up on edges and avoid falling off any kind of edge. However, if a crowd, body of water, or explosion pushes you, stealth is useless.

If you go off the edge, you have the same choice of flying as creeping. If you have an Elytra equipped, you can fly if you fall from a height that is high enough. You have more control to land safely and away from any dangers underneath you. However, it won’t work until you’ve obtained the Elytra from the End dimension, which is where the game ends.

4. Fall on Soft Blocks

Let’s say that you are unable to prevent or control your fall. The only decision you have right now is where you land. Fortunately, there are a number of blocks in Minecraft that can minimise or even eliminate fall damage. The greatest options are powder snow or sweet berry bushes because they both have zero fall damage when struck. However, travelling through sweet berry bushes causes you minor harm.

Then, there are hay bales and honey blocks that can 80% lessen the effect. You can also land on beds, which decreases fall damage to 50% but causes a slight bounce in the players.

The slime block is an additional well-liked option. The only drawback is how much it causes you to bounce. So, if you fall on top of it, you might escape the initial fall harm. However, you will then need to be concerned about preventing fall injuries from the bounce that it produces. While it is difficult to time, some players swiftly press the stealth key to dodge the bounce.

5. Use Water Buckets

In the survivor game mode, this is arguably the most common method of preventing fall damage. To prevent fall injury, almost every professional player utilises water buckets. It is undoubtedly effective if you time it correctly. You need to fall with a water bucket in hand for it to work.

Then, just before you hit the ground as you descend, you must let go of the water. Before you may start doing anything without perishing, you must practise. In other situations, you can try landing in the water if there is water visible at the surface where you are landing. Even one block of water will cancel out the effects of the fall.

6. Use Cobwebs

Once you have mastered using water to prevent fall damage, you can also employ other comparable blocks. The cobweb is another another widely utilised alternative. Before you fall, if you quickly place a cobweb, it will reset the fall height. As a result, if you drop something on top of it, you won’t get hurt.

Hay bales and other blocks can be used to produce a similar effect, although they won’t totally undo the fall damage. Due of their simplicity, water buckets are the weapon of choice for most gamers. Additionally, clearing cobwebs out can be a little irritating.

7. Use Boats

Boats can be a dependable way to escape fall damage in Minecraft, despite how strange it may sound. Making a boat in Minecraft is all you need to do to prevent fall damage. A boat is helpful if you need to descend from a height and can be used while falling.

Push the boat over the edge to descend by climbing inside. You won’t suffer fall damage as long as you continue to row the boat using the movement keys. The deadly fall damage remains ongoing and has the potential to kill you if you don’t row the boat as it falls.

8. Ender Pearls

Changing your landing spot is a smart move if you want to prevent fall harm. Ender pearls, which you can acquire by killing Endermen, are an excellent teleportation tool. In order to escape fall damage in Minecraft, you can teleport while falling if you have an Ender pearl on. You must throw an ender pearl in the direction of the location you want to teleport to in order to use it. You’ll be transferred there as soon as it touches down.

It can protect you from fall harm but also does some little damage to itself. After using an Ender pearl, your health will drop by about two hearts. Additionally, if you hurl it in a direction at a particular height, you risk suffering fall damage.

9. Craft and Use Ladders

Therefore, the following technique to prevent fall damage in Minecraft is a challenging one. In contrast to other blocks, ladders can be positioned immediately beneath you. Ladders can be positioned on a block’s side, however. So you can position a ladder on its side to prevent fall damage in situations like falling from a mountain.

Even though you would still need to find a method to descend, you won’t suffer any immediate harm. Before you can master ladders, you must practise using them, yet they are often dependable. They are also among the simplest products on our list to make. In Minecraft, you only need 7 sticks to create 3 ladders.

10. Use Scaffolding Blocks

Scaffolding is the last and least preferred method of preventing fall damage in Minecraft. Scaffolding is actively avoided by people due to its complicated usage. This block’s main objective is to assist players in falling without suffering any fall damage. Remember that you can only stack five scaffolding bricks together. Then you can climb down utilising the scaffolding by leaping onto it. Similar to water, it may shield players from fall damage from any in-game height.

Nifty Tricks to Reduce Fall Damage in Minecraft

These are the pointers and techniques for avoiding fall damage in Minecraft. They can be used in a variety of Minecraft biomes with tall buildings and mountains. These techniques are applicable to both multiplayer modifications and survival in Minecraft. By installing Forge to use Minecraft mods and finding fresh solutions in-game, you can further reduce fall damage. Additionally, you may install Optifine in Minecraft to enhance gameplay so that blocks can be placed more quickly, reducing fall damage. With the greatest Minecraft 1.18 mountain seeds, you may now explore the tallest cliffs and constructions without worrying about fall damage. Happy adventuring!