10 Face Swap Apps to Make Your Photos Hilarious

It’s time for you to join in on the fad of face swapping photos that have taken over social media. Face swapping is swapping your face with someone else’s in a picture, and when done correctly, it usually produces funny results. The top face swap applications for Android or iOS are required for that. Here are 10 fun face-swapping applications to make your images funny in 2022, to cut to the chase.

Best Face Swap Apps in 2022

Face Swap applications should not be confused with deep fake applications. While deepfake films might be seriously harmful if used to deceive someone, face swap applications are mostly utilised for amusing silliness. Now that the disclaimer has been made, let’s go on to our list.

1. Snapchat

The most popular app that lets users exchange faces with pals using a straightforward filter is definitely Snapchat. You can use Snapchat to access a tonne of other features, Snapchat techniques, and even the new Snapchat+ subscription that adds extra functionality because it is more than simply a face-swapping app. Additionally, the platform’s face filters are actually rather good, even if you don’t wish to follow the platform’s trends. It is currently one of the most adaptable face swap apps available thanks to this.

However, applying Snapchat’s face switch filter would require some research, unlike other applications that just provide a face swap filter. If the filter isn’t visible in the camera interface, go to the Explore section, type “Face swap,” then add the result to your Favorites. The filter is one of many available on the site, but I can guarantee that it’s the best one. In addition to doing its job successfully, Snapchat’s face swap filter allows you to take photos that can be instantaneously shared with your friends.

Install: Android and iOS (Free)

2. Cupace

An excellent and simple-to-use photo editor called Cupace has a useful tool called Paste Face that enables you to easily copy and paste anyone’s face into another person’s face.

Because Cupace can manually extract faces from any image, the feature is made feasible. If you don’t want to employ a face swap, you may still add the face to any inanimate object.

You may quickly and easily cut a face out of an image with Cupace, select the image you want to paste the face on, and then do just that. The programme lets you zoom into the photograph to make the procedure a little easier and ensure the accuracy of your face cutout. Once the face has been trimmed, the software saves it so you can save it and paste it on many photographs as you wish.

3. B612

Install:Android (Free) (Free)

B612, which was initially only a basic photo editor, can now change faces in both still images and moving pictures. The functionality of the feature is much the same as that of Snapchat. Simply choose the Face Swap effect in B612 to quickly swap faces with friends or your favourite public figures. The results are passable, if not particularly outstanding, and B612’s face swap will undoubtedly make you and your pals giggle in the process. Additionally, it can be entertaining as a photo and video editor for Instagram Reels.

4. Face Swap Booth

Install: iOS and Android for free (Free)

Face Shift Booth is the app to download if you want a collection of faces you can swap around whenever you want. The innovative face-swapping applets let you manually add faces or have the programme recognise them for you. These various faces can be used to switch around various individuals while having fun. Additionally, the software allows you to replace your face with one of the already-loaded famous faces.

In addition, the app offers cutting-edge editing capabilities, amusing face masks, and more. The free version of Face Swap Booth is somewhat restricted, so if you want to save as many photographs and faces as you want, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium version of the programme, which costs $2.99.

5. Reface

Download: iOS (Free with in-app purchases), Android (Freewith in-app purchase)

Even though Reface is a deepfake programme, you may use it to replace your face with that of famous people in movies and GIFs. One of the popular apps for making funny face swaps and sharing them with your friends is Reface, formerly known as Doublicat.

You can utilise a variety of GIF and picture libraries from Reface to make new GIFs. Additionally, the app’s creators are constantly working to add new templates, so you won’t miss out on any fresh information.

6. Face Swap App

Install:Android/iOSFree (in-app purchases) (in-app purchases)

This product from Brain Craft Ltd seems ideal for easily switching faces. Its capacity to automatically recognise faces, which makes the process for you very simple, is probably its strongest feature. If you want more controls, you can also flip, rotate, and edit faces. Due to the manual control, it makes dealing with group images a little bit easier than many other face-swapping programmes.

Additionally, it provides the possibility to fine-tune skin tone, which is important for giving the images a beautiful touch. Even better, the app is fully connected with Facebook, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly exchange your or your friends’ photographs and share them on the social networking service.

7. Copy Replace Face


Copy Replace Face can be the ideal tool for making your photographs stand out if you want to be a little creative when face switching. You have the needed flexibility to completely change the appearance using this software. For instance, you may choose to clone the entire face or only specific features like the eyes, lips, and nose, which is really helpful for creating a distinctive-looking face. Additionally, it enables you to layer several faces on top of one another, which can significantly alter the aesthetic of your picture.

8. Photo Face Swap

Install:iOS (Free) (Free)

The results of Photo Face Swap, another programme that lets you swap faces in your photos, depend on how well-lit the images are and whether your face is well aligned. Due to the hit-and-miss nature of our results, we still encourage you to give this a try because the face swapping process in the programme is rather simple. Additionally, it has a Face Bomb Effect that gives each person in a photo a single face.

9. MixBooth

Install:Android (Free) (Free)

Instead of swapping the faces in your photos, MixBooth combines two faces into one, which is also rather entertaining. The programme allows you to input own images as well as photos of people whose faces you want to be automatically detected and combined with your own. You can even blend your face with the faces of complete strangers or famous people to see how you would look in their skin.

10. Swap Faces with Your Friend Using Instagram

Install: iOS and Android for free (Free)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many other filters you can apply to photos on Instagram, so if you and a friend are hanging out and want to switch faces, you may do so. Simply open the Instagram camera, look over the effects, and look for Face Swap. The filter will then switch your faces so that you and your friend can record a video together (or take a picture). You may test out this filter, and it’s very enjoyable. There is also a group face swap filter that can be a lot of fun during a party and works with a larger number of pals.

How can I change the face in a photo?

One of the aforementioned face-swapping applications can be used for amusement.

What app allows you to put your face on famous people?

Face-swapping apps like Face Swap Live and Face Switch Booth allow you to swap faces with famous people because they already have their faces loaded. With an image search, you may also change to any famous person.

How can two faces be blended together?

For blending or merging two faces together, try MixBooth. Both iOS and Android have access to it.

Is face swapping online secure?

Most widely used face-swapping apps are secure to use. To learn how your data is handled, I advise you to read the privacy statement of the app you use.

How can I change a face in an iPhone video?

Face Swap Live allows you to change the face in videos taken on your iPhone.

Do you have face swap on TikTok?

Ready to Have Fun with These Face Swap Apps?

At the present, face swap is not available on TikTok. But you may use the Rellface face-swapping filter that was made by a TikTok user to face-swap on the platform.