3 Best Apps to Reduce Photo File Size on Android Devices

We weigh a number of criteria while deciding which new smartphone to purchase. We take a lot of pictures, thus the camera is one of these factors. Smartphones today, in contrast to earlier models, have high resolution cameras that can capture images that are in the MBs. Although that might not seem like a problem, it is, especially if you share a lot of images on Facebook or WhatsApp. Multiple high definition photographs require a lot of bandwidth to share, and they also consume a lot of phone storage. So, it’s understandable if you’re looking for tools that compress photo files.

On Android, there are some excellent apps for shrinking photos in size. We tested these apps’ resizing abilities with a snapshot from the Google Pixel that was 4.6 MB in size (4048 x 3036 pixels). You may view the scaled but original photo below or the full-size original photo on Imgur:

Now, we have compressed or resized the photo using the programmes indicated below. We monitored the size reduction and looked for any quality deterioration at the same time. In order for you to see the final product for yourselves, we have also provided the snapshot that was produced by the applications below. Without further ado, here are the top three Android applications for shrinking photos:

1. Photo Compress 2.0

Photo Compress 2.0 allows you to compress a photo to minimise file size, unlike a number of other apps that only allow you to resize the image. The app offers low, medium, and high compress qualities for you to pick from. To observe the size difference, just select one quality and press the compress button. For instance, we kept the 4048x1536p resolution while lowering the compress quality to low, which resulted in a size reduction of the shot from 4.6 MB to 1.16 MB.

It’s great that there was essentially no difference in quality between the original and compressed versions of the photo. You may also crop, resize, and resize multiple photographs using Photo Compress 2.0. The programme also comes in a Pro version that offers more features and allows you to preserve the EXIF information from your photographs.

Install: (Pro $0.99, Free)

2. Reduce Photo Size

Although the software is called Reduce Photo Size, it does not compress photos; instead, it resizes them to make them smaller. You can choose from a variety of resolutions on the app, or you can just create your own. However, it does a good job at shrinking photo files. We downsized our image to 2024 x 1518 pixels, and the resulting file size was a fantastic 677 KB. Additionally, the image resembles the original virtually.

The app offers cropping and rotation options in addition to photo resizing and size reduction. The software has a free version, but it also has unobtrusive advertisements.


3. Photo & Picture Resizer

Photo & Picture Resizer does just what the name implies—reduces the size of a photo. The extremely popular programme, like the Reduce Photo Size app, gives you a variety of dimensions to pick from and also indicates the % decrease in each size. For instance, when we downsized our image to 2024 x 1518 pixels, the image’s file size dropped to 1.1 MB, which is acceptable. The programme also allows you to trim a photo and select a custom size for it. You probably won’t notice any difference in the quality of the downsized photographs because it is the same quality throughout.

Although it’s free, it comes with non-intrusive adverts that you may get rid of with an in-app purchase.

Install:(Freewith in-app purchases) (Freewith in-app purchases)

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Try these Apps to Reduce Photo Size or Compress Them

Although there are many other programmes that can shrink photo files, we think the three described above are the finest. So, these are the apps to install on your Android smartphone if you want to compress images or reduce the size of photos. Please give them a try and let us know in the comments area below how you like them.