4 Best Ways to Add Subtitles to a Movie on Android

The benefit of watching movies on your Android phone. You can view movies anywhere because mobile devices are portable. Although the portability is appealing, it also increases the likelihood that you’ll watch movies in a crowded space. Additionally, the bustle will drown out the music if you don’t use noise-canceling headphones. Subtitles can be useful here. Even if you missed something in the audio, you won’t lose the context because you can read the dialogues in real-time.

There are a lot of uses for subtitles. You can use them to view shows in a noisy setting, comprehend foreign-language movies, and take in audio-free entertainment. On an Android phone, getting subtitles for videos is also simple. Subtitles can be added automatically or manually by downloading the file separately and adding it to your video player. Here are all the options you have.

How to Add Subtitles on Android (Updated February 2021)

In order to give you a wide range of possibilities, we have incorporated four more techniques that make use of several video players. You can quickly access the relevant technique by clicking the link below based on your preference.

Add Subtitles to Movies on Android Using VLC

1. To begin with, download the VLC for Android app (free; in-app purchases available) to your smartphone.

2. After that, launch VLC and let it analyse each media file on your Android phone. Simply launch VLC and then open the movie you wish to watch. Tap on the player icon in the bottom-left corner after that.

3. Click on Download subtitles after expanding the Subtitles menu.

4. In order to provide you with the finest subtitles for the movie, it will now search for subtitles online using the metadata, file format, movie length, and language. You will be given various options in a short period of time. Now all you have to do is click the download button next to any of the subtitles.

5. The movie on your Android smartphone will automatically include subtitles. If you discover a delay in the subtitles, you can adjust them from the same menu or download new ones.

Add Subtitles to Movies on Android Automatically Using MX Player

1. MX Player (Free, Contains Ads) is another player that provides online subtitles, so go ahead and instal it on your Android smartphone.

2. After that, launch MX Player and start the film. Tap the player icon in the top-right corner to continue.

3. Next, choose Online subtitles.

4. You will now be presented with a lengthy selection of subtitle options for your movie. You can check the box and then select “Download.”

5. And there you have it; the subtitle will immediately be applied to the film.

Add Subtitles to a Movie on Android Manually

In order to use this method, we must manually download the subtitle file into our smartphone. You may obtain subtitles for movies, TV episodes, and music videos from a variety of websites. The majority of them provide subtitles in several languages and are entirely free to use. The following are a few of the more well-known websites:

1. After downloading a subtitle, use a file explorer to find it on your smartphone and then unzip it. Your subtitle file is an SRT file, which you should obtain.

2. Right-click the player icon in the bottom-left corner of VLC and select Select subtitle file.

3. Simply navigate to the place where you have the SRT file stored and choose it at this point.

4. The movie will then have a subtitle inserted, and you may now watch it without any problems.

Use a Dedicated Subtitle Downloader For Android (Automatic)

It’s time to automate the process of adding subtitles to a video now that you know how to do it. The above-mentioned technique can be fairly challenging to do for each video. Because of this, the Play Store is brimming with applications that let you download subtitles with just one tap and even in batch mode. If you’re using a popular video player, the majority of these programmes can interface with it and add subtitles automatically.

Be careful when naming your movies because these apps use the original name of the video to look for the subtitles.

1. Get Subtitles

Get Subtitles is a free app featuring in-app advertising. Your phone’s videos will be automatically searched for and shown on the primary interface. However, it doesn’t function properly with external storage. If the movie isn’t recognised, you can manually search for it. When it comes to locating subtitles, we must admit that the app is quite quick and precise.

All of the linked subtitles will be seen once you choose a video. You will see English subtitles by default, but you can change the language because up to 170 different languages are supported. Simply press on the download button next to the subtitle to start the download. Additionally, a button allows you to watch the movie and the downloaded subtitles together on your preferred video player.

Install(Free, offers in-app purchases) (Free, offers in-app purchases)

2. GMT Subtitles

GMT Subtitles is an app that may be used for free and is ad-free. All of the videos on your phone will be searched for by the app, which will then show them on the home screen. From there, all you have to do is tap on the video you want subtitles for, and they will appear right away.

If you believe you received the incorrect subtitles (a rare occurrence), you can manually search for the video’s title and download the appropriate file. Additionally, it can search for videos in network-shared directories. This implies that you can still access the video’s subtitles even if it is on another device.

Install(Free, offers in-app purchases) (Free, offers in-app purchases)

3. Subtitle Downloader

The premium edition of the ad-supported programme Subtitle Downloader unlocks all features. The paid version is well worth the money, but the free version is actually fairly constrained. It will automatically search through all of the videos on your phone, just like other applications, but the paid edition is the only one with a manual search option.

The programme will look up the subtitles for you, which you can then quickly download with just one click. Additionally, it offers the choice to rename a video file in order to produce precise results. The ability to download subtitles in bulk is the best feature of this tool, but it is only available in the subscription edition. All of your videos’ subtitles can be downloaded with a single click.

Install(Free, offers in-app purchases) (Free, offers in-app purchases)

Automatically Add Subtitles and Enjoy Your Favorite Movies

These are the four greatest methods for adding subtitles that automatically sync with movies. I choose VLC since it has adjustable features and supports both automated and manual approaches. Not to add, there are absolutely no commercials. That’s all we have to say, though. What about you, though? Please share your preferred technique with us, along with which you believe to be more dependable.