4 problems that have no solution yet

ChatGPT – A Revolutionary AI Tool

At the outset, the immense potential and remarkable capabilities of ChatGPT were highly praised. It was able to write a thesis in a matter of seconds, compose scripts for videos, solve coding problems, and even provide cooking recipes. However, as time has gone on, its shortcomings have come to light and much of the initial enthusiasm has dissipated.

The Capacity Problem

If you are one of those who regularly uses ChatGPT, you may have encountered the infamous message: “ChatGPT is at full capacity right now.” This AI application has quickly gained popularity, leading to congested traffic and a poor user management system. In April 2023, the daily visits skyrocketed to an astonishing 1.76 billion, so it is to be expected that access issues arise.

ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus is the premium version of the tool that promises access even during peak hours. This could be the main cause of the capacity limitations, so the problem is unlikely to be resolved any time soon.


Ever since students began to use ChatGPT, it has been highly revered for its impressive capabilities. However, the rise in popularity has caused a capacity problem that is unlikely to be solved soon. The premium version, ChatGPT Plus, offers access even during peak hours, but it comes at a cost.