5 Best Ways to Save Twitter Threads

Twitter users frequently use threads to send messages that are longer than the platform’s 280-character tweet restriction. Given the massive Twitter user population, it is simple to lose an educational Twitter thread if you don’t save it for subsequent viewing. We’ve put together a list of strategies you can use to save helpful Twitter threads in order to address this issue.

Best Ways to Save Twitter Threads (2022)

1. Twitter Bookmarks

The option to bookmark tweets is a feature of Twitter that many users choose to ignore. To add a tweet to your bookmarks whenever you wish to save a Twitter thread, click the Share button.

Next, from the Bookmarks portion of the website’s left sidebar, you may view all of your saved pages. You should start using Twitter’s bookmarks function if you want an easy way to save engaging Twitter threads. Later on, it makes for a good library of reading material. And just with bookmark managers, you can delete tweets from bookmarks once you’ve read them or feel like cleaning up the clutter.

2. Thread Reader

Twitter threads can be saved using the well-liked third-party tool Thread Reader. The website for Thread Reader makes it simple to read Twitter threads like blog pages in addition to archiving significant tweets. Simply reply to a Twitter thread using the following format to use the service:

@threadreaderapp unroll

Go to Thread Reader’s website and put the tweet’s link into the search box if you don’t want to utilise the bot. To view all of your previous thread unrolls in one location and manage them effectively, you should sign up for a free Thread Reader account. You may even store threads as PDFs on the website after creating an account.

Reader TryThread

3. Readwise

Another tool that can make it easier for you to manage Twitter threads is Readwise. Kindle, Pocket, Instapaper, iBooks, and many other platforms, in addition to Twitter, support Readwise. Readwise isn’t free, though. You can try it out for free for a month to see if you like it. You’ll need to pay a monthly membership starting at $4.49 after the trial expires. Reply to the first tweet with the following syntax to save the thread:

@readwiseio save

As you save a thread, you’ll also notice certain statistics, such as the total number of unique saves, the total number of saves, and the number of saves. Moreover, Readwise may be synced with well-known note-taking programmes like Evernote, Notion, and Roam.


4. Threader

A comparable service for gathering Twitter threads is Threader. Like other services, Threader features a Twitter bot that you may use to quickly save useful threads. Here is how to use Threader in format:

@threader_app compile

For convenient thread reading, there is also an iOS app called Threader. It is important to note that extra features like dark mode and PDF compatibility require Threader’s premium subscription. Every month, Threader Premium costs $3.


5. Unroll Thread

Another excellent choice to keep useful Twitter discussions is to unroll the thread. Unroll Thread does not require a keyword, in contrast to other Twitter bots. To keep the tweets, you only need to mention Unroll Thread’s Twitter handle. You must reply using the Twitter handle listed below.


Using Unroll Thread, you can also save threads as PDFs. Unroll Thread further provides support for dark mode without requiring a paid subscription. Try Unroll Thread if you want well-liked features without having to pay a monthly fee.

Thread TryUnroll

Save Twitter Threads for Reading Later

These are the top five methods for saving your favourite Twitter discussions. To remember fascinating conversations, helpful hints, and other material from Twitter users, I typically use the platform’s built-in Bookmarks tool. Do you utilise any other service to save threads? Please share it with us in the box below the comments. Check out our article on the top Twitter tips and tricks for more advice like this.