A meteorite fell on their house and now they have to choose between 3 options

A Meteorite Falls into an American Home

Science can often surprise us, and the recent occurrence of a meteorite falling into the home of an American family is no exception. This meteorite, whose formation is believed to date back more than 4.5 billion years, is like something out of a Hollywood movie. Although we may think that such events only exist in the cinema, this is a case where the cliche has been fulfilled. Now, the family is considering how to make the best of this unique situation.

Analyzing the Meteorite

The meteorite has been given a name, and initial analyses conducted by the family have revealed some interesting data. It is estimated to weigh approximately 1 kg and is composed of stony chondrite. Experts have suggested that the rock may have originally come from the region between Jupiter and Mars.


The rare event of a meteorite falling into an American home has certainly caught the attention of many. After analyzing the meteorite, it is believed to be around 4.5 billion years old and likely originated from the belt between Jupiter and Mars. It is now up to the family to decide how they will make the best of this incredible opportunity.