Aim Lab Comes to Mobile; Here’s How to Install the App Right Now!

I’m sure you’ve used (or at least heard of) Aim Lab to improve your aim and tracking abilities if you routinely play battle royale and tactical FPS games. For gamers looking to develop their expertise across genres in games like Valorant and Apex Legends, Aim Lab has proven to be a terrific learning resource. The organisation that created Aim Lab has now made its aim trainer available on mobile devices. So, this is all there is to know at this time about Aim Lab Mobile. We also covered how to immediately download Aim Lab Mobile onto iPhone devices!

AimLab Mobile Arrives in Beta on iPhone

Riot Games, the creator of hugely well-liked online games like League of Legends and Valorant, recently acquired a minority ownership share in Statespace, an Aim Lab developer. At that time, Statespace CEO Wayne Mackey announced plans to make Aim Lab available on mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Next month, Aim Lab mobile will launch. At the time, Mackey informed The Washington Post that it was ready to use. Despite the lack of a release date for Aim Lab Mobile from Mackey, the developer has already begun testing the aim trainer on iOS and iPadOS devices.

In order to download the beta version of Aim Lab Mobile on your iPhone via Apple’s beta testing tool Tesflight, we have put up a step-by-step tutorial.

How to Download Aim Lab Mobile Beta on iPhone

It is important to note that you will require an Apple device running a supported iOS version and the Testflight app before proceeding with the tasks. For those who are unaware, the Testflight app allows you to beta test upcoming applications or new features and provide developers insightful input.

Therefore, if you have an iOS device, you must first download the Testflight app from the App Store. After that, go out the procedures listed below to set up Aim Lab Mobile.

1. Click the Aim Lab Mobile Testflightlink here after downloading the Testflight app.

You must accept the invitation to download Aim Lab Mobile on the Testflight app after clicking the link, which will take you there.

3. The Install button will appear when you consent. When you tap it, Aim Lab Mobile will be installed by Testflight on your iPhone.

You may now start practising your aim on a mobile device and testing your skills in various tasks by going to your App Library area and tapping the Aim Lab icon. Long-pressing Aim Lab Mobile and choosing Add to Home Screen will allow you to add it to your iOS device’s home screen for quick access. There is no information yet on the release date of the beta or stable versions of the aim trainer for Android users.

Aim Lab Mobile: Features and First Impressions

I briefly tested Aim Lab Mobile after a successful installation on my iPhone 12 mini running iOS 15.5, in order to give you a quick review of its capabilities and my experience. For an app that is still in its infancy, the aim trainer performed admirably on my device with no visual lags or glitches.

Players can presently use a time-limited exercise to work on various aim and tracking techniques. Players will receive in-game incentives and achievements for completing the drills. Additionally, similar to the PC version, the app will display comprehensive results when you finish a particular workout that emphasise different areas of your performance, your strengths, and your flaws. To learn more about how Aim Lab Mobile functions, watch this little gameplay video:

Aim Lab on the go

Supports pre-set control UIs for well-known mobile games right now, including PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile. The position, opacity, and size of the on-screen control buttons can also be adjusted by players to suit their preferred playstyle.

Why Is Statespace Releasing Aim Lab on Mobile?

In my brief testing, I found that the Aim Lab Mobile experience was generally favourable. I’ve used Aim Lab on a PC before, and I can attest that mobile users are given a comparable experience here. However, the mobile version requires additional development in the form of locations tailored to the game and more shooting and movement training.

One of the most well-liked aim trainers among PC gamers is called Aim Lab, and it may help you improve your ability to aim and track foes in some of the top FPS titles. Given the recent expansion of the mobile gaming market, Statespace believes that this is the ideal time to seize the chance and provide players an aim trainer in Aim Lab Mobile.