Airtel Announces New Smart Missed Call Alert in India; Here’s How It Will Work!

When their device is off or they are outside the range of the network’s coverage, Airtel’s users will be able to verify whether they missed a call from someone thanks to a new feature the company has revealed. Jio already has a comparable function that warns users via SMS when a call is missed, but Airtel’s Smart Missed Call feature operates in a different manner. See the information below to learn more about it.

Airtel Smart Missed Call Alert Feature Announced

All of Airtel’s customers, whether prepaid or postpaid, who have an active voice-calling plan are eligible for the company’s Smart Missed Call Alert function. In contrast to Jio’s scheme, Airtel’s feature is accessible through the Airtel Thanks app for iOS and Android.

The function displays a list of calls that a user has missed because their device was off or because they briefly left the network’s coverage area. Additionally, the service will be free of charge to any Airtel customers who have a current voice plan. It will also apply to roaming plans for both domestic and foreign locations.

The Smart Missed Call Alerts feature can be enabled in the Curated by You page of the Airtel Thanks app if you’re an Airtel user. Once enabled, you can check your missed calls in the Airtel Thanks app.