Amidst fear of retrenchment, Amazon gave a big blow to the employees, stopped the offer letter

Amazon Postpones Campus Hiring in India

Tech giant Amazon has stunned many Indian IIT students by announcing that it will not be issuing offer letters for campus hiring until January 2024. Sources have revealed that recruitment was expected to take place in June, but has now been postponed until January of 2024.

Postponement of Offer Letters Impacting Students

The postponement of offer letters has had a substantial impact on many IIT students. A recent IIT Bombay graduate, who was offered a position as a software development engineer at Amazon, was informed that his offer letter was delayed until January instead of early June. There have been reports of similar occurrences from other campuses, with some offer letters being rescinded.

Amazon Sought for Comment

In response to these events, Amazon has been sought for comment.


The news of Amazon’s postponement of campus hiring in India has come as a shock to many IIT students. With offer letters being delayed and rescinded, the situation has had a negative effect on those expecting to join Amazon in the near future. It remains to be seen what Amazon has to say in response to the situation.