another Telegram function that they adopt in Meta according to a leak

WhatsApp: The App that Almost All Spaniards Have

In Spain, almost everyone has WhatsApp on their iPhone. It is the app that has been chosen by the majority of Spaniards to communicate, and if you don’t have it on your smartphone, you are not seen as important.

Changes Since 2014 Acquisition

Since it was acquired by Meta in 2014, WhatsApp has gone through many changes. It is now more similar to Telegram, and it could soon be executing its last big move: usernames.

Usernames Instead of Phone Numbers

According to WABetaInfo, the latest beta version of the Android app includes a new field for entering a username. This system is very similar to Telegram and it would allow users to contact anyone using a username instead of their phone number.


WhatsApp is the app that almost all Spaniards have on their phones. Since its acquisition in 2014, it has gone through many changes and the latest one could be the introduction of usernames instead of phone numbers.