Are these settings on in your phone? If yes, then stop immediately, you will be in profit.

Keep Location Access to a Minimum

When using an Android smartphone, it is important to limit the amount of location access you give to apps and websites. By granting access to all apps, you are not only draining your battery, but you are also revealing your location to anyone who can see it. To keep your data safe, it is best to only give location access when it is absolutely necessary.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scans

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scans should be kept off when using an Android device. Not only do these settings drain the battery quickly, but they can also connect your smartphone to unknown devices, leaving your data vulnerable to hacking. It is important to keep these scans off to ensure your data is kept safe.

Android Smartphones are More Vulnerable to Hacking than iOS

Android smartphones are generally more vulnerable to hacking than iOS devices, as Android is an open network. This means that anyone can tamper with it, making it easier to hack than iOS. It is important to be aware of this vulnerability and take the necessary steps to keep your data safe.


Keeping your Android smartphone secure is essential. By limiting the amount of location access you give, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scans, and being aware of the open network vulnerability, you can ensure your data is kept safe and your battery life is not drained.