Be careful with this SMS that arrives in the name of ‘Correos’

Fraudulent SMS Messages From Correos Reappearing

It is certain that every day the sun will rise again, and similarly, every few months fraudulent SMS messages from Correos will resurface. In particular, this particular fraud was first detected in October 2019 and has returned with full force around the same time last year.

Customs Payment Fraud

This type of fraud involves a message that reads: “DO NOT BE FOOLED! The main SCAMS in ONLINE SHOPPING and HOW TO AVOID THEM”. Nowadays, the use of electronic commerce is common, and thus it is not surprising that a large number of fraudulent SMS messages end up reaching people who are expecting to receive a package, increasing the chances of them falling for it.

Understanding Electronic Commerce

Not everyone is waiting for packages from abroad, and not everyone is familiar with the details of electronic commerce. The usual procedure of this fraud is to offer an option of payment to the corresponding party.


Fraudulent SMS messages from Correos have been reappearing every few months, and the most recent one is a customs payment fraud. It is important to understand the details of electronic commerce to avoid falling for this kind of fraud.