Best Apps to Automatically Change Lock Screen Wallpapers on Android

You’re not the only one who gets weary of seeing the same wallpaper on your phone’s lock screen every time you turn it on. Thankfully, Android gives you the choice to automatically change the lock screen and home screen images. In order to breathe a breath of fresh air to your day every time you switch on your phone, we are listing the top Android applications to automatically change lock screen backgrounds today. We’ll also explain how to use built-in features to automatically change the lock screen wallpaper on your smartphone.

Automatically Change Lock Screen Wallpapers on Android Devices

Although you can always manually change the wallpaper on your smartphone, automating the process minimises the additional labour. You can change your wallpaper automatically on Android using both built-in and third-party apps. So, if you detest outdated wallpaper but find it difficult to regularly change them manually, you’ve come to the perfect place. Because we’ll explain how to automatically change the lock screen wallpaper on Android smartphones today.

Auto Change Lock Screen Wallpapers Using Third-Party Apps

There are a variety of free apps on the Play Store that tout similar functionality, even though some manufacturers include built-in features to automatically change Android lock screen images. The apps Tapet, Casualis, Waller, Auto Change Wallpaper, Auto Wallpaper Changer, Lock Screen Wallpaper, etc. were among the several that we evaluated. Unfortunately, the most of them only function on the home screen, and only some devices can use the lock screen capability. Nevertheless, we still discovered a number of Android apps that can genuinely alter the lock screen wallpaper on demand. The top ones are as follows:

1. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei, arguably one of the greatest wallpaper apps for fans of traditional art, updates your home and lock screens every day with well-known works by painters including Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Paul Cezzane, and more. To keep your icons and widgets prominent, the software also provides blurring and dimming effects. To manually alter the blurring effect on the lock screen and home screen, double tap on the wallpaper. The time after which Muzei loads a wallpaper onto your phone can also be modified. What’s best? As a background, you can choose photos from your phone.

Be aware that in order for this software to function, you must first deactivate your device’s Double Tap to Sleep/Wake feature. Additionally, since this software is a live wallpaper, it must continuously operate in the background, which may decrease your device’s battery life. Another drawback of this programme is that you cannot set separate images for your lock screen and home screen, though you may make them appear slightly different by experimenting with the blurring effect.

Google Play download: (Free)

2. Wallpapers by Google

Wallpapers by Google is another another software that you may use to have the lock screen’s wallpaper automatically update. You can select your own images, a picture from the Google Earth library, a beautiful scene from Google+, and more. It even allows you to choose multiple graphics for the home screen and lock screen, unlike Muzei. To enable the preset wallpaper playlist and allow auto-changing wallpapers, touch Daily Wallpaper > Set Wallpaper. The rotating wallpaper choice is yours to choose whether you want it for just your home screen or for the lock screen as well.

Please take note that live wallpapers cannot be automatically rotated by this software; only static wallpapers can. Additionally, you won’t be able to select a specific time frame for wallpaper updates; they will occur regularly. Given how simple it is to set up and how attractive the backgrounds are, it is still one of the best apps for automatically changing the wallpaper on your Android phone. If you’re still curious, you can manually reload the wallpaper by launching the app and selecting the Refresh icon.

Google Play download: (Free)

3. Auto Wallpaper Changer

Another Android software that automatically changes the wallpaper on your Home screen and Lock screen after a set amount of time is called Auto Wallpaper Changer. Up to 30 photographs of your choosing may be used, and you may choose how frequently the background changes. There are several options for high-quality wallpaper. Although the photographs themselves are rather good, the only category available here is Nature.

On the three devices I tested (Samsung, Asus, and Xiaomi), the other two apps performed as advertised; however, Auto Wallpaper Changer’s lock-screen capability was hit or miss and, in my experience, only functioned on the Asus phone. I tried it on Samsung and Xiaomi devices, but it didn’t work on either, so I can’t guarantee that it will work on products from other manufacturers.

Google Play download: (Free)

Auto Change Lock Screen Wallpapers Using Built-in Options

Additionally, some Android manufacturers include built-in tools for automatically switching lock screen images. We’ll examine how to do it with Xiaomi and Samsung devices today. On other Android phones, the procedure will be largely the same, though the precise options may vary slightly depending on the model of your smartphone.

Auto Change Lock Screen Wallpapers in Samsung Devices

  • Go to Settings > Lock Screen > Wallpaper Services.
  • Now scroll down and click on Dynamic Lock Screen settings. Make sure the Auto Update is switched on.
  • You ll get a bunch of categories to select your wallpapers from, including landscapes, life, food, pets and art. Choose the one that tickles your fancy.

Auto Change Lock Screen Wallpapers in Xiaomi Devices

  • Go to Settings > Lock Screen and Password. Scroll down if you have to and tap on Wallpaper Carousal .
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and toggle on the option. As with Samsung devices, you can select the categories that you d prefer.
  • Image categories include Nature and Wildlife, Adventure and Travel, Science and Tech, Health and Fitness, etc. As with other built-in options, it s a little thin on granular controls, but it will get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Get My Android to Automatically Change Wallpaper?

Either the aforementioned apps or built-in features offered by your manufacturer are options you have. Although many Android phone manufacturers offer the capability in their more recent models, not all Android phones come with the option to automatically change the lock screen wallpaper.

2. Why Can t I Change My Lock Screen Wallpaper?

In many menus on various devices, the option to change the wallpaper is included. Go to Settings and seek for something that says Lock Screen, Wallpaper, Display, Personalize, or Customize to change the lock screen wallpaper on your phone. When you press Set Wallpaper, you’ll have the choice of choosing it for the lock screen or the home screen.

3. How Do I Make My Samsung Wallpaper Change Automatically?

You may use Wallpaper Services under Settings > Lock Screen on One UI 2.1 and newer devices. After that, select Dynamic Lock Screen by scrolling down. Now enable Auto Update. To check if that might function on your smartphone, you can adhere to the tutorial provided above.

4. How Do I Set Multiple Wallpapers?

Both your Android launcher and your wallpaper app must support the capability in order to set different wallpapers on various home screens. Go Multiple Wallpaper is one wallpaper software that provides the capability (free). Despite coming from the Go Launcher’s creator, it works with the majority of other third-party launchers available on the Play Store.

5. How Do I Make a Slideshow as My Wallpaper?

As long as the slideshow is saved in a format that the app recognises, the majority of live wallpaper applications will accept slideshows. In most circumstances, you may save your slideshow as a GIF or an MP4 to use it as live wallpaper, but keep in mind that doing so will slow down your smartphone and drain a lot of battery life as well as increase CPU and RAM consumption.

6. Can I Make My Lock Screen a Slideshow on Android?

Depending on whether the app you’re using and your smartphone both offer that functionality. WallShow was the only one for non-rooted devices that I could get to function (Free)

7. Where Are Wallpaper Images Stored in Android?

Default image and wallpaper storage locations differ from one manufacturer to the next. Nevertheless, you can also choose it manually using third-party file managers.

8. What Is the Best App for Changing My Lock Screens Automatically?

My favourite Android lock screen wallpaper changing apps, out of the ones mentioned above, are Muzei and Wallpapers by Google. While the latter offers more alternatives in several areas, the former provides a superb selection of artwork.

Refresh Your Android Lock Screen With Auto Changing Wallpapers

The apps described above are some of the best available in the Google Play Store to automatically change the wallpaper on the home screen and lock screen. Now that you are aware of how to add automatic wallpapers to Android lock screens, download the wallpaper that appeals to you and tell us which one did so.

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