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Supercook: The Perfect Solution for When You Don’t Know What to Cook

In moments when you’re stuck for ideas on what to cook with the ingredients you have in your kitchen, Supercook is the perfect solution. It is an online platform with a range of features to help you become an expert chef.

Features of Supercook

Supercook offers a comprehensive list of ingredients to choose from, including eggs, rice, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, nuts, cheese, dairy products, charcuterie, seaweed, vegan and vegetarian options, meats, poultry, fish and shellfish, preserves, spices and herbs, sugars and sweeteners, flours and additives, and legumes. It also allows you to add any other ingredients you may have.

The website also allows you to bookmark your favorite recipes, participate in contests, include new recipes, and get tips to help you prepare all your dishes. Plus, it has an app version so you can access the features from your smartphone.


Supercook is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for inspiration in the kitchen. With its comprehensive list of ingredients and range of features, it is the perfect solution for when you don’t know what to cook.