BGMI Scavenger Hunt Contest Goes Live; Here’s How to Get Royal Pass 8 for Free!

As part of its Month 8 of Cycle 2 Season 4, Battlegrounds Mobile India, akaBGMI, just released its premium seasonal battle pass called the Royal Pass 8. The developer of the wildly popular mobile game, Krafton, has introduced a number of new in-game goods for players who purchase the Royal Pass to gather. You do have a chance to win all the new things, including in-game cosmetics like free gun and vehicle skins. This is how.

Krafton Announces BGMI Scavenger Hunt

Krafton has established an official Scavenger Hunt competition for BGMI gamers across India in response to the recent update that added the Royal Pass 8 and the new terrain Santorini. Twenty lucky winners will receive free Royal Pass 8s as a result of the campaign.

Numerous in-game items and prizes are included in the eighth Royale Pass, including BP (in-game cash), the Slobby Shirt and Pant, the Eagle’s Will skin for the UMP-45, the Show Off emote, the Shots Fired Parachute skin, Supply Coupon Scraps, and more. To obtain special benefits and incentives, players can also pay 360 UC (in-game currency) to upgrade to the Elite Pass or 960 UC for the Elite Pass Plus.

It is important to note that in order to participate in the Scavenger Hunt, the BGMI game on your device needs to be updated to the most recent version (v1.8.5). The new 8 x 8 Santorini map, which was added for the Team Death Match (TDM) mode, is included in this version. Now that that is out of the way, let’s look at how to obtain a free BGMI Royal Pass.

How to Win the Royal Pass 8 in BGMI

Now, adhere to the instructions listed below to earn the Royal Pass 8 in BGMI for free.

  • Follow the official BGMI account on Instagram.
  • Now, after you update your game, play the new 8 8 TDM mode in the new Santorini map.
  • While playing on the new map, locate the RPM8 logo, which is hidden somewhere in Santorini.
  • When you find it, take a screenshot of it and highlight it in the image.
  • Share the screenshot on your Instagram profile and tag Battlegrounds Mobile India s official Instagram account.
  • Then fill out this form, and you re done!

You can register for the BGMI Scavenger Hunt after completing these steps. As previously indicated, 20 lucky winners will each receive a Royal Pass 8 in their BGMI account’s inventory out of all the players that have enrolled.

So, if you’re a fan of BGMI, sign up for the Scavenger Hunt competition right away. It is presently active with BGMI’s most recent 1.8.5 version and will stay active through tomorrow, February 23, when it ends. So, get moving!