Bill Gates bets on sustainable nuclear energy

Bill Gates’ Commitment to Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Philanthropist and business magnate Bill Gates has made a significant investment in sustainable nuclear energy with his Natrium project. Scheduled for 2028, the reactor design utilizes a sodium fluoride salt core and molten salt storage tank to adjust power production according to demand.

The Advantages of Natrium’s Innovative Design

Gates’ vision for Natrium is to provide a sustainable and reliable solution to the challenges of renewable energy sources. The reactor uses liquid sodium as a coolant, taking advantage of its abundance as the fourth most common substance on Earth. This feature allows the energy generated to be stored, thus addressing the storage issue associated with renewable energy.

The US Department of Energy Recognizes Natrium

The US Department of Energy has acknowledged Natrium’s potential, awarding TerraPower with a grant of up to $1.5 million to support the project. This grant is intended to help the company develop and test the reactor, as well as to fund research into the safety and efficiency of the design.


Bill Gates’ Natrium project is a pioneering effort to provide a sustainable and reliable energy source. Through its innovative design, the reactor takes advantage of the abundance of sodium to store energy, while the US Department of Energy has recognized its potential with a grant. Natrium is expected to be operational in Wyoming by 2028, replacing part of the traditional coal-fired power industry in the area.