Can Apple put an Apple Silicon in an iPhone?

Apple Silicon: Could it Also Be Used on iPhones?

Apple’s latest revolution has been the Apple Silicon, a chip developed in-house for Macs, with the goal of controlling the hardware and software of laptops and desktops. But could this same technology be used on iPhones? Let’s take a look.

The Technology Behind Apple Silicon


It’s important to remember that the chips Apple uses for Macs are based on the iPhone processors. This means that Apple has been continually improving its AX Bionic processors over time, gaining enough knowledge and security to develop an efficient and powerful processor for Macs.

The Benefits of Apple Silicon on iPhones


Given Apple’s success with its M1 chip, it’s not unreasonable to think that they might integrate it into their most advanced iPhones, such as the iPhone Pro Max, or, as rumors suggest, the iPhone Ultra.

The primary benefit of this would be cost savings. If Apple decided to use its own chip in all of its devices, it would no longer need to purchase processors from outside suppliers.


Apple Silicon has proven to be a revolutionary technology for Macs, and it is possible that it could be used on iPhones as well, with the potential to provide cost savings and improved performance. However, no official statement has been made on the matter, so it remains to be seen if Apple will go forward with this idea.