Can’t Change App Store Country or Region on iPhone? 6 Tips to Fix the Issue

On your iPhone, you might occasionally need to change the App Store nation or region. You would need to change the location so that you can continue to use the App Store without any restrictions, whether you have moved to another country or discovered an intriguing iPhone app that hasn’t yet been released in your country. But what if your iPhone or iPad has a barrier that prevents you from changing the App Store country? No worries, there are six ways to resolve the problem.

Can t Change Apple ID Country or Region on iPhone and iPad?

Before changing the App Store nation on iOS, there are a few crucial considerations. Make sure you have a legitimate payment method for your new country or area first. You can pay using Apple Pay (depending on availability), the majority of credit and debit cards, store credit obtained by exchanging gift cards, money added to your Apple ID, or regionally or nationally specialised payment options.

Not all content kinds are accessible everywhere. So that you may access them without any problems, make sure you download your apps, books, TV shows, movies, and music. To protect most of your personal information, you may simply back up your iPhone.

1. Make Sure to Cancel Your Active Subscriptions

Make sure that all of your active subscriptions have been cancelled as the first step in resolving the Can t change App Store country on iOS/iPadOS issue. Yes, it is what you read. You must not only wait until the conclusion of the subscription period but also cancel all of your memberships.

iOS makes it simple to manage your App Store subscriptions. As a result, you are able to keep track of your subscriptions and decide whether to cancel them at any time.

  • To cancel a subscription on your iPhone or iPad, head over to Settings app -> Apple ID -> Subscriptions.
  • Now, select the active subscription and tap on Cancel Subscription .

2. Be Sure to Cancel Pre-Orders and Movie Rentals

Be careful to wait until your preorders, movie rentals, subscriptions, or season passes are finished. You won’t be able to alter your iOS device’s App Store nation if you don’t.

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On your iPhone or iPad, open the App Store, click on your image in the upper right corner, then select Your name, then select Pre-Orders/Arcade Games Coming Soon. Choosing the pre-order now will allow you to cancel it by doing so as instructed.

3. Leave a Family Sharing Group

You might be a member of a Family Sharing group if you use apps that enable Family Sharing, in which case you might not be able to change your country. So, before attempting to alter the location in the App Store, make sure to exit the Family Sharing group. Please be aware that any family member 13 years of age or older has the right to withdraw from a family group. But the family organiser must delete you if Screen Time is enabled for your account.

Go to Your profile > Family Sharing > Your name > Stop Using Family Sharing in the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

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4. Make Sure You Don t Have Pending Apple ID Balance or Store Credit

Before attempting to change the App Store nation or region, you must first clear any outstanding Apple ID balance or store credit. The Apple ID balance cannot yet be moved to another region’s iTunes or App Store. Therefore, regardless of how large your outstanding balance is, you must spend it all before it becomes due. Launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and select Your profile to see your Apple ID balance. Your credit should now be visible beneath your profile.

Once you’ve taken care of these necessities, switching the App Store nation on your iOS device will be simple. Visit the App Store, select Your profile, then select Your name. Next, type your Apple ID password and select Country/Region.

5. Sign Out of Apple ID and Sign Back in

After making sure all the prerequisites (listed above) have been met, if you are still unable to change the App Store region on your iPhone, sign out of your Apple ID and sign back in. Go to Settings app > Your profile to complete it. Scroll down now and click Sign Out. After that, adhere to the directions to finish the procedure.

Then sign in once more. Try changing the App Store’s country again to see whether the issue has been fixed. You must provide your updated payment information, billing address, and confirmation of your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

6. Update Software

You may not need to travel this far in the majority of circumstances. However, at some point or another, we have all encountered strange iOS troubles. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wise to completely rule out the chance that your iPad or iPhone’s App Store has a problem that prevents you from changing the region. Update the programme as a result if none of the aforementioned fixes have helped you.

Go to the Settings app, then select General, then Software Update.

Tips to Fix the Can t Change App Store Country or Region Issue on iPhone and iPad

Install the most recent version of iOS/iPadOS by first downloading it.

Hopefully, your iOS or iPadOS device now allows you to choose the App Store nation. Most of the time, taking care of the prerequisites, including cancelling all subscriptions and pre-orders, will allow you to resolve the problems. The problem should be resolved by updating the software and signing out and back in with your Apple ID if it persists even after you have ticked off these prerequisites.