Can’t Share Posts to Instagram Stories? Here’s How to Reshare Posts to Your Story

Have you just realised that it is no longer possible to upload a post to your Instagram Story? If so, you are not by yourself. Resharing content to Stories on Instagram is purposefully more difficult to do. It is currently testing a new Reshare sticker to make you more selective about the content you share on the site. You won’t see the post-sharing option you are accustomed to seeing if you are taking part in this test. So in this article, we’ll walk you through the new process for sharing posts to your Instagram Stories.

Reshare Posts to Instagram Stories (2021)

Some lucky people are still able to publish posts to their story even though Instagram’s new test for sharing Instagram Stories is unpleasant. We will discuss how to share Instagram posts to stories using both of these techniques in this article. To quickly jump to the technique you wish to learn more about, use the table of contents below.

Share Instagram Posts to Stories Using the New Reshare Sticker

A new Reshare sticker is part of the updated process for sharing posts to Stories. You can view the posts you’ve recently read when you access this sticker. Additionally, you will see specific tabs for your own Instagram feed and saved posts. After all that, here’s how to share posts to your Instagram Story using the Reshare sticker.

Swiping right on the home feed will open Instagram’s Camera. Tap on Create under the Story section. Press the Sticker symbol at the top of the screen after the text editor has appeared.

2. Choose the Reshare sticker from the list of available stickers. All of your most recent seen posts, IGTV videos, and Reels are now visible. Select the photo you want to repost on your Instagram Story.

3. Next, by tapping the colour icon in the top-left corner, you can decide to alter the Story’s backdrop colour. Select the colour you prefer, then tap on Your Story or Close Friends to share it with the people on your list of close friends.

Share Instagram Posts on Stories Using the Original Method

Instagram doesn’t appear to be conducting many tests for the new story sharing feature. Here’s how you share posts to your story using the original (less complicated) way if you’re not seeing the Reshare sticker on Instagram.

  • While viewing an Instagram post, tap on the paper airplane/share icon on the bottom of the post.
  • In the list of friends that pops up, you will see the Add Reel to Your Story option, simply tap on it.
  • You can now add text, stickers, and pretty much anything else that you want to add to the story. Once done, just tap on Your story or Close friends depending on where you want to share the story.

The post will now be shared to your Instagram story, where your followers may view it immediately. Personally, I believe that this is the greatest way to repost Instagram content to stories, and I hope Facebook decides to stop using the Reshare sticker that a lot of users are seeing.

Share Posts and Reels on Instagram Stories with Ease!

Resharing posts requires a few extra steps, but the new sharing feature is not wholly unusable. If Instagram distributes the new Reshare sticker to all users, we will have to wait and see. This guide will be very helpful if you suddenly discovered that the post sharing feature is gone and are wondering how to share posts to Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories now allow you to repost posts and your favourite Instagram Reels. Visit our article on the greatest Instagram tips and techniques for more advice like this.