Editorial Policy

To provide our readers with original and informative content, we at Technosavvy make every effort to adhere to the highest journalistic standards. You agree to abide by these rules and recognize that failing to do so may lead to your article being passed over for publication. The only way to do business with us is to agree to this policy in writing.


Your submissions must be 100% original. They must be sufficiently distinct to avoid being flagged as duplicate content by services like Copyscape. To be published, submissions must be wholly unique, and that’s what our editors look for from their writers. Be absolutely certain that what you’re going to write will be useful to our readers. Any articles found to contain obvious instances of plagiarism or rewriting will be immediately rejected.

The Reasons and Proof

It’s important to double-check any financial claims or statistics used in the piece. Exaggerated claims or skewed data will not be accepted by customers. Everything we put up is 100% verified to be in the public domain and approved by the proper authorities. When referencing information that has already been published, authors must provide a direct link to the source.

Always give backing for your claims with evidence if at all possible. You can back up your claims with evidence like screenshots, charts, and images. Avoid making assertions without supporting them with reputable sources.


Your contributions to this company should always be useful to those who read them. If your content has a clear goal, it will be more useful to your audience. Our mission is to educate our audience on important economic and news events. There should be no advertising or promotion of any currency, market, or entity mentioned in the articles.

Selling an idea to the public

Articles should not include claims or information that could be used to advertise a product, service, or financial instrument. Make sure the title, headings, and content of your article are always truthful. A promotional link to a product, service, or person should not be included in your article. Our articles must not contain any form of advertising or promotion.


Please keep in mind that most of our readers are dedicated savers and investors. Your articles in this case should be written with the assumption that the reader has some background in finance. We plan to provide them with up-to-the-minute details on the state of the economy. As a result, prior to writing an essay, we must determine who we intend it for.

All Things Considered, This Article Will Be Published

The final decision to publish or not rests solely with the editors. Our editors are under no obligation to provide reasons for their choices. Whether or not we choose to publish an article will depend on how it makes us feel. The authors have to follow the board’s every instruction.

Spreading the News

Remember to verify all of your facts with reputable sources before reporting them to us. The news cycle can be much more fluid on our platform, but we still check the legitimacy of every story before we release it. Check to see if the post’s claims are backed up by evidence.

Adhering to this editing standard will help guarantee that the content you provide for our readers is of the highest quality possible.