Facing Formatting Issues in Google Docs? Here’s How to Fix It

If Google Docs is your preferred word processor, it’s likely that you’ve recently encountered some strange formatting problems. To be more precise, a number of Google Docs users on Reddit and in Google’s help forums have observed that, even when the document’s layout is left alone, words sometimes extend past the right edge. It turns out that the problem has a straightforward solution, and today we’ll explain how you may immediately correct formatting problems in Google Docs.

Fix Formatting Issues in Google Docs (2021)

We’ll cover two solutions to formatting problems with Google Docs in this article. You can decide to go in the direction you desire. After saying all of that, let’s go on to the steps.

1. Whitelist Google Docs in your Adblocker

Disabling your ad blocker is the simplest solution to the formatting issue with Google Docs. However, you can whitelist Google Docs if you don’t want to disable your ad blocker. In the extension’s settings, you can choose to whitelist particular websites. For instance, on UBlock Origin, a popular community-driven commercial and content blocker, you can click the power button to add websites to the whitelist.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem, check out all of your installed extensions on the Chrome extensions page. Deactivate third-party extensions to see if it helps until your problem is fixed.

2. Switch from Chrome to Another Browser

Some customers claim that switching to a different web browser also resolves the formatting problem in Google Docs. It appears that other Chromium-based browsers are apparently unaffected. Therefore, if you like the Chromium engine, you can switch to Microsoft Edge or Vivaldi. You might also think about switching to Firefox to resolve this issue. Check out our posts on the best Google Chrome alternatives and Windows 10 browsers if you’re seeking for browser recommendations.

Fix Google Docs Formatting Problems

Therefore, you can use this short and straightforward tutorial to resolve problems with Google Docs on your PC. If you found this useful, be sure to read our article on the top Google Docs hints and tips to get the most of the service. Additionally, if you’re looking for a new word processor, check out our list of the best Google Docs alternatives to find a good substitute.