Flipkart Launches ‘Sell Back Program’ in India; Here’s How to Sell Your Used Smartphone

A much-needed Sell Back Program has been made available by Flipkart in India so that smartphone owners may simply sell their gadgets. To assist individuals sell any smartphone, regardless of brand, and to reduce the quantity of e-waste produced by used smartphones, the Walmart-backed e-commerce giant introduced the programme in the nation. Here’s how to sell your smartphone utilising the new Sell Back Program from Flipkart.

Flipkart Sell Back Programme Announced in India

According to a press release issued by Flipkart, participants in the programme can sell their smartphones, whether they are Apple or Lava models, and receive Flipkart Electric Gift Vouchers in exchange. Then, the gift certificates can be used to pay for any item on the online store or to deduct the specified amount from the cost of a specific item. According to Flipkart, the Sell Back Program is applicable to any smartphone model, whether or not it was bought there.

After recently acquiring Yaantra, a re-commerce startup, Flipkart launched its new Sell Back Program in India. This business gives users access to high-quality refurbished smartphones and concentrates on recommerce offerings.

Only 20 million of India’s approximately 125 million used cellphones, according to a research by IDC quoted by Flipkart, make it to the market for refurbished devices. Nearly 85% of old smartphones are thrown out, adding to the quantity of e-waste in the environment. This service aims to address this issue and offer users a secure platform where they can sell their smartphones and receive the appropriate buy-back value.

How to Sell Your Old Used Smartphone on Flipkart?

Now, adhere to the guidelines below if you wish to benefit from the new Flipkart Sell Back Program. Before continuing, it is important to note that the programme is only presently accessible through the Flipkart iOS and Android app. To utilise this function, we advise you to download or upgrade the Flipkart app on your smartphone. Let’s move on to the steps now that that is over.

  • Open the Flipkart app on your smartphone. Tap the drawer icon in the middle of the bottom navigation bar. You will see a new Sell Back option here.
  • Tap on it to open the Sell Back Program page on your device and tap the Sell Now option (any one of them) to initiate the process.
  • Now, answer the three given questions that requires you to tell the phone s brand, IMEI number, and whether or not it switches on for verification.
  • Select your location and agree to the terms and conditions. You will see the value of your used smartphone at the top.

Note:The programme was not accessible at my location, which is in Kolkata, at the time this article was being written.

  • Wait for Flipkart to send its executive to pick up your smartphone. It is expected to be picked up in 48 hours and the voucher is expected to be issued within a few hours of the confirmation.

In this method, you can quickly sell your old smartphone on Flipkart and utilise the money you receive to buy a new phone or any other item.

In the cities of Delhi, Kolkata, and Patna, the Flipkart Sell Back Program is now active over 1,700 pin codes. However, as was already indicated, I couldn’t find it where I was when I started writing. We anticipate it to shortly arrive in these and other cities.

The business also stated that later this year it would broaden the Sell Back Program to include more product categories. So, you might soon be able to sell used electronics on Flipkart, including your old Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and other accessories.