France fights Apple so you can repair your iPhone without spending a fortune

French Prosecutor’s Office Investigates Apple for Blocking iPhone Repair

The Paris Prosecutor’s Office has launched an official investigation into allegations that Apple is blocking the repair of iPhone parts. Entrusted to the French Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and the Suppression of Fraud, the investigation has the power to impose economic sanctions if it finds that Apple has violated French law.

France Takes the Lead in the Right to Repair Movement

France has taken the lead in the movement for the right to repair, aiming to improve and secure workshops. However, Apple’s trend of making iPhones increasingly difficult to repair is worrying. Every time a new iPhone is released, a team of technicians based in Toulouse, known as the Repair Academy, meticulously disassembles the device.


The investigation into Apple’s alleged blocking of iPhone repairs is ongoing, with the potential to impose economic sanctions if it finds the company to be in violation of French law. France has been a leader in the right to repair movement, and this investigation could be the first national measure against planned obsolescence.