get a job without having to leave home

Finding Teleworking Positions

With many companies insisting that employees return to the office post-pandemic, numerous studies have revealed that there are many individuals who wish to continue working remotely or online. Some have even threatened to leave their current company if they are forced to return to the office.

Websites Offering Remote Positions

Fortunately, there are websites that are dedicated to offering only online jobs, or have a section for remote work, in addition to office-based job postings. Some of the websites offer freelance jobs and others offer vacancies for employees to complete tasks from home. Here is a list of websites where you can find teleworking positions:

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Jobgether is a Brussels-based company that provides a platform to find online jobs. It has a wide range of positions available, with up to 1500 words and external links related to the IT industry. It is the perfect place to hone your writing and grammar skills.


In conclusion, there are numerous websites available that offer teleworking positions, with Jobgether being one of the most popular. It provides a great opportunity to develop your writing and grammar skills, as well as giving you the chance to find a job that suits your lifestyle.