Google removes an app from its store for a reason that would affect any web browser, Chrome included

Google’s Removal of Downloader App from Google Play

The developer of an application for Android TV called Downloader has expressed their dismay after Google removed it from Google Play. The reason for the removal is something that, if applied to all apps, would essentially render web browsers on Android useless.

Copyright Infringement Claim


The developer of the app claims that it was removed due to a copyright infringement claim from a law firm representing several Israeli television companies. The reason for the DMCA complaint was the app’s purported use to visit websites that infringed the copyright of the firm’s representatives – much like any other web browser.

Purpose of Downloader App


Downloader is a simple application available for Smart TVs with Android TV or Google TV. It allows users to do something that the system does not make easy for them – download files from the Internet or browse the web. This is because Google refuses, for some unknown reason, to launch Google Chrome for Android TV, despite the availability of alternatives on Google Play. All of these alternatives are now in danger.


Google’s removal of the Downloader app from the app store has caused distress for its developer. The reason for the removal was a DMCA complaint from representatives of Israeli TV channels, claiming copyright infringement. Downloader was a simple app that allowed users to download files from the internet or browse the web, something that Google does not make easy for them. All other apps that offer similar services are now in danger of being removed from Google Play.