Google Tests New ‘Close All Tabs’ Pop-up in Chrome for Android; Here’s How to Enable it

By progressively introducing new features like a pricing tracking tool and other things, Google has been enhancing its Chrome web browser for Android users. To stop users from unintentionally shutting crucial tabs, Google Chrome for Android has a clever newClose all tabsoption that is currently being tested. So let’s examine the new functionality and how you may use it immediately.

Google Chrome Will ask Before it Closes All Tabs

The function was discovered by Techdows and is accessible in the Android Chrome 100 Canary release. When users attempt to close all open tabs in a web browser at once, a second confirmation box will appear.

For those who are unaware, Chrome for Android users have the option to shut all open tabs simultaneously by tapping the three-dot menu. When a user touches the button in the browser’s most recent stable build, all open tabs are immediately closed without asking for confirmation. Thus, it may be difficult for users to locate the crucial tabs after they accidentally touch the Close all tabs button.

This will be prevented by the new confirmation dialogue box in the Chrome Canary release. The Close all tabs and lose unsaved data?dialog box with a Close all tabs button and a Cancel button appears when a user touches the Close all tabs button in the three-dot menu, allowing the user to stop the procedure at this point.

How to Enable Close All Tabs Pop-up in Chrome for Android

The functionality isn’t present in Chrome’s stable version, so if you want to test it out for yourself, you’ll need to download Chrome Canary (free, Google Play Store) on your Android smartphone. Once finished, carry out the further steps to turn on the function.

  • Open the Chrome Canary on your Android device. Type chrome://flags in the address bar to go to the Chrome Flags page.
  • Search for Close all tabs in the search bar on this page, and you will see the Close all tabs modal dialog flag in the results.
  • Switch the Default option under the flag to Enabled to activate the feature. Relaunch the browser.
  • Now, you will see the new dialog box appear whenever tap on the three-dot icon at the top right and go to close all tabs in Chrome on your Android device.

On this manner, you can test the function in Chrome’s Canary build. There is no information on whether it will be available for the stable version of Chrome. However, given that Google has already begun testing it, we anticipate the corporation to make the function available to the general public very soon. Keep checking back for more information, and let us know in the comments if you’ve used the new function.