Google’s AI played, said- CEOs of tech companies look like monkeys and bulls

Google Introduces AI Chat Tool Bard AI

Google recently unveiled its new AI chat tool, Bard AI, promising better answers to people’s questions than ChatGPT. But now, Bard AI has started a new game – guessing what tech CEOs look like in his eyes. He has even gone as far as to say that Google CEO Sundar Pichai looks like a monkey.

Bard AI’s Response to Tech CEOs Goes Viral

A Twitter user put Bard AI to the test by giving him pictures of animals and asking him to guess who the animals looked like. Bard AI linked the musk ox to Elon Musk and the capuchin monkey to Sundar Pichai. His response has been met with a lot of enthusiasm on the social media platform. It’s worth noting that Bard AI’s answers are constantly changing, as he initially said Elon Musk looked like a beaver.


Google’s AI chat tool, Bard AI, has been making waves on social media with its response to the appearance of tech CEOs. While his answers are constantly changing, the responses have been met with a lot of enthusiasm. It remains to be seen what other surprises Bard AI has in store.