Here’s How the iPhone 13 Box Looks Without Plastic Wrap

Apple announced plans to discontinue using plastic wrap on the phone’s box when it unveiled the iPhone 13 series earlier this week. Apple claims that this action will prevent the waste of 600 metric tonnes of plastic. An image posted on the well-known Chinese microblogging site Weibo provides us the first peek at the new iPhone 13 packaging in case you were curious about it.

iPhone 13 Box Without Plastic Wrap

A tear-off plastic strip that is adhered to the box takes the place of the plastic wrap. The brand-new plastic strip has two advantages. It keeps the box secure, reducing the possibility that the contents will escape while it is being transported. Knowing whether the iPhone has already been opened before it enters your hand is also helpful. Consequently, if you intend to purchase a brand-new iPhone 13, keep an eye out for the new paper strip.

Apple claims that doing rid of outside plastic wraps is a part of its objective to completely eliminate plastic from all packaging by 2025. Apple claims that the rare earth components in the magnets used in the iPhone 13 series are 100% recycled, and that recycled tin was used in the solder used to assemble the main logic board and battery management unit. The Cupertino behemoth also plated the main logic board and the wiring in cameras with reclaimed gold.

Apple also emphasised the fact that its current worldwide business activities are carbon neutral. By 2030, the corporation wants to have a net-zero impact on the environment across its entire operations. This covers all product life cycles and manufacturing supply chains.

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