Honor’s powerful and atypical 100W wireless charger is half the price

Charge Your Smartphone or Tablet Faster with Honor’s SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand

In today’s world, many smartphone and tablet manufacturers are no longer including a charger with their product, leaving you to rely on your old, slow 10 W charger. It’s time to upgrade to the Honor SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand. This powerful charger is currently on sale for 49.90 euros instead of the usual 99.90 euros on the manufacturer’s website.

Honor Takes Power to the Next Level

Charging speed is becoming an increasingly important factor when it comes to selecting a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. While some of the bigger names in the industry, like Apple and Samsung, are still lagging behind in this department, Honor has been hard at work designing chargers that are capable of delivering up to 100 W or more. This SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand is a perfect example of their dedication to this cause.

Take Advantage of the Special Offer

Right now, you can get the Honor SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand for half price in the official store. Just use the promo code CHARGE50 to get it for only 49.90 euros instead of the regular 99.90 euros.


The Honor SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand offers a sleek look and powerful charging capabilities. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this special offer and upgrade your charging game.