How Many Volumes Does Chainsaw Man Manga Have?

One of the most thrilling mangas we’ve recently read is Chainsaw Man. And with Chainsaw Mana now available as an anime, interest in the show is only rising. But you might have a lot of questions if you haven’t read the manga yet. Therefore, we are here to assist you in determining how many volumes there are in the Chainsaw Man manga and how to read them correctly.

Chainsaw Man Manga Volumes (2022)

We have listed all of Chainsaw Man’s manga volumes in our guide, along with the most frequently asked questions about it. To find the response to your inquiry, utilise the table below.

List of Chainsaw Man Manga Volumes

Currently, the Public Safety Arc of the Chainsaw Man manga consists of 11 volumes (up to Chapter 97). The whole list is provided here:

  • Volume 1 Dog & Chainsaw
  • Volume 2 Chainsaw vs. Bat
  • Volume 3 Kill Denji
  • Volume 4 The Gun is Mightier
  • Volume 5 Minor
  • Volume 6 Boom Boom Boom
  • Volume 7 In a Dream
  • Volume 8 Super Mess
  • Volume 9 Bath
  • Volume 10 A Dog s Feeling
  • Volume 11 Good Luck, Chainsaw Man


  • Volume 12 Bird and War

After Makima, the 12th volume will introduce us to yet another horseman beginning in October 2022 as weekly chapters on Shonen Jump.

Is Chainsaw Man Manga Over?

The manga series Chainsaw Man is still active. It is just in its second arc right now, and we anticipate it to go on for at least another 4–5 arcs. Therefore, it won’t likely change for at least a few years.

Does Chainsaw Man Have a 12th Volume?

On October 4, 2022, Chainsaw Man’s 12th volume was formally unveiled. Since then, Shonen Jump magazine has been releasing new chapters every week. However, the book has not yet been published independently.

How to Read Chainsaw Man Manga?

If you enjoy collecting manga, you can find the volumes of Chainsaw Man at most of the big box stores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others. Meanwhile, you can access Chainsaw Man immediately on the Shonen Jump page of Viz Media’s official website (visit).

The English translations of CSM are made available by Viz with the Japanese edition for a mere $1.99. You also get to read the most recent three chapters for free. Visit the linked site to learn more about alternate options, including the greatest manga applications for Android and iPhone.

Not to mention, you can also follow the conventional path and read the most recent Chainsaw Man manga chapters as they are published each week in Shonen Jump magazine. Remember that the print edition of this magazine is no longer available due to poor readership. It is only accessible online.

Explore All Manga Volumes of Chainsaw Man

You are now prepared to explore and read every new book of Chainsaw Man as it is released. However, make sure that you are completely familiar with Denji, the main character of CSM, before you go. We have a specific guide that covers every facet of this character. After that, what other manga are you currently reading? Tell us in the remarks section below!