How much will the iPhone 15 cost, will it really be more expensive?

The Price of the iPhone 15: What We Know So Far

As the September release of the iPhone 15 nears, speculation about the phone’s price has been on the rise. Rumors have been circulating for years that the Pro version of the iPhone 15 may cost more than its predecessors, but this has yet to be confirmed.

The Price of the iPhone 14

The price of the iPhone has remained relatively consistent over the years, until the introduction of the iPhone 14. In Europe and other countries around the world, the cost of the iPhone 14 went up, while in the United States, Apple kept the same dollar price as the previous generation.

This change in the iPhone 14’s price was mainly due to inflation, which caused a decrease in the value of different currencies relative to the US dollar. As a result, the iPhone 14 cost more in Europe due to the exchange rate. Fortunately, this year the euro has regained some of its value against the dollar.

The Unknown Price of the iPhone 15

Despite the rumors and speculation, the price of the upcoming iPhone 15 is still unknown. Apple has yet to make an official announcement, and it may not be until the phone’s release that we know the exact cost.


The release of the iPhone 15 is just around the corner, and with it comes the anticipation of the phone’s price. While rumors about the cost of the Pro version have been circulating for years, it is still unclear how much the iPhone 15 will cost. We may not know until the phone is released in September.