How to Access Your Top 25 Most Played Songs in Apple Music

The fact that 2019 is almost over made me feel a little melancholy as I thought back on all the wonderful experiences that had enriched my life. Since music plays a significant role in my life, I thought it would be interesting to go back in time and discover the songs that most mesmerised me. Apple has provided Apple Music subscribers with a really decent way to access the best 100 songs of the year, but I would have preferred a list that was 20 to 25 items shorter. And much to my joy, there’s a simple way to get to Apple Music’s top 25 most popular songs on an iPhone or iPad. If you experience the same need, you should read this little article.

View Your Top Most Played Songs in Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

Aren’t you a member of Apple Music? The standard music app on your iOS and iPadOS device allows you to view your most played songs, which is undoubtedly the best aspect of it even if you don’t use Apple’s streaming service. Additionally, this small collection will also contain the local music files you loaded into the Music app. Given that not everyone enjoys Apple Music, it’s a well-considered approach to keep everyone happy. After all of that, let’s get going!

1. Open the Music app on your iPad or iPhone.

2. Click the Library tab at the bottom now.

3. Go to the Playlists area of the Library.

4. Next, scroll down to find the Top 25 Most Played playlist. Tap on it, then blast your favourite tunes while you drive for a while.

You’re all set!

Enjoy Your 25 Most Played Apple Music Songs

So, even if you don’t have an Apple Music subscription, you can still see your top 25 songs in this manner. I consider this functionality to be quite beneficial from the user’s perspective. And I believe many iPhone owners will find it to their liking. In terms of competitiveness, Spotify has already been surpassed by Apple Music as the most widely used music streaming service in the USA. It is still far behind Spotify, which has more than 248 million subscribers worldwide. Which music app is your favourite, and what aspects do you like about it? Post your ideas in the section below.