How to Add and Assign Roles in Discord

Discord server administration might be difficult, but you can give trusted individuals moderating privileges by using server roles. In addition to moderation, server roles enable you to make a specific sidebar section. These roles make it simple for us to recognise particular members and their server status. This article has instructions on how to add and distribute roles in Discord.

Assign Roles to Users in Discord Server (2022)

Create a Discord Server Role on Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

1. Launch Discord and select the server name in the top-left corner. Select the Server Settings option from the pop-up menu when it opens.

2. To create a new role for your Discord server, go to the server settings page, select Roles from the left sidebar, then click Create Role in the right pane.

3. Select the name, colour, and icon for the role from the Displaytab in the right pane. You must raise your server’s level to 2 in order to select a role icon.

4. Continue by managing the rights granted to users in the role you are creating in the Permissions section. When finished, click Save Changes to make the changes official. And there you have it—a new position that you successfully generated for your Discord server.

Assign Discord Server Role on Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

1. To access your server’s role settings, take the first two steps listed above. Click the member count for the newly formed role when you’re on the server settings page.

2. After that, click Add Members to get a list of every server user and assign them a role. Selecting particular members is also possible using the search box.

3. Select the participants for the role and click the Add button.

4. That is all. The roles for the members you selected will now be visible to you on the server. Simply place the pointer over their name in the channel’s right sidebar.

You can choose to build a private text or voice channel that’s only accessible to users with that server role after you’ve given specified users a particular role.

Create a Discord Server Role on Mobile (Android and iOS)

1. Open Discord and click the vertical menu icon with three dots in the top-right corner. Select Settings to examine the Discord settings when the pop-up window displays.

2. Click the + floating action button in the Roles section of User Management to add a new role.

3. To create the server role on Discord, specify the role name, colour, and rights. Then press the Save icon.

Assign Discord Server Role on Mobile (Android and iOS)

1. Click Members under User Management in the server settings. To assign a new role to a member, tap their name when the member list appears.

2. Make sure the role you created is selected. The new role and all the benefits you added while designing the role will now be available to the member.

Bonus: Use Bot to Automatically Give Discord Roles

You can also let members self-assign responsibilities by adding a Discord bot to your server. Although any of the Discord bots for server management can be used for this, we have shown this capability below using the MEE6 bot.

1. Activate the Reaction roles plugin from the MEE6 bot’s dashboard after adding it to your Discord server (link).

2. Click New response role under the Reaction roles section to add a new one.

3. Select an emoji and its related role by scrolling down and clicking Add reaction. When members tap the emoji, they will receive the role that goes with it.

4. Choose the channel where the MEE6 bot should send the role selection message, give the role a name, and personalise the call-to-action message. To publish the reaction role, click Save & Close after finishing.

5. A message with emojis from the MEE6 bot will appear in the relevant Discord channel. Members can now quickly obtain the role by tapping the emoji.

Make and Set Roles to Moderate Your Discord Server

These are the procedures for creating and assigning roles on Discord. While you’re at it, visit our linked guide to find out how to get rid of the Discord crown icon if you’re not a big lover of it. We also have separate tips on how to get an invisible Discord name and avatar as well as how to find out if someone has blocked you.