How to Add Hyperlinks in Emails Using the Gmail App

If you frequently email links to essential articles or websites using the Gmail app for smartphones, you are surely aware that there is no option to hyperlink or add links to custom texts. However, after searching Reddit, we discovered a tip that enables you to use the Gmail app to connect to a pre-written phrase.

How to Add Hyperlinks in Emails on Gmail App

In order to add hyperlinks to your emails on the Gmail app, follow these steps.

  • First, open the webpage that you want to add in your email.
  • Copy the URL of the page.
  • Then open the Gmail app on your device and tap the Compose button to start writing a new email.
  • After giving the recipient details, paste the link of the URL in the body of the email.
  • Now, tap the back button on the top left corner to go back. This will automatically save your unfinished email in the Drafts folder.
  • Go to the Drafts folder and open up the email in which you added the link.
  • This time, when the email opens, you will see that the link has turned blue and is now clickable.
  • Now take the typing cursor and place it anywhere in the middle of the link.
  • In the middle, write the custom text that you want your recipient to read.
  • After completing your custom text, erase the original texts of the URL.
  • You will now have a blue-colored, clickable text with a hyperlink.

Yes, I am aware that for such a basic activity, the process is really laborious and complicated. And I’m rather astonished that after all the Gmail app’s advancements, Google still forbids the addition of hyperlinks in emails.

We must thus use this approach to complete the operation until the Mountain View-based software giant formally adds support for hyperlinks for the Gmail app for Android and iOS.