How to Add Music to Snapchat

The option to enable users add music to their Snaps and Stories was ultimately added by Snapchat in October 2020, following Instagram’s lead. This handy function was once only available on iPhones, but Snapchat subsequently added it to its Android version. Read on to find out how simple it is to add music to your Snapchat Story if you are new to the app.

Add Music to Snapchat (2022)

Add Music to Snapchat Stories from In-App Audio Library

1. Launch Snapchat and click the musical note icon in the camera viewfinder’s right sidebar. When the Snapchat sound page loads, you can choose a song from the Featured area or use the search box to find the music you want.

2. After selecting the music, you may use the movable slider to select the precise piece of the song to include in your Snap. After that, insert the music widget anywhere you’d like to share the snap with your contacts and tap Send. Alternatively, you can press the Story button to add your picture or video to the Snapchat Story.

How to Create and Use Your Own Sound on Snapchat

You can now utilise your own sounds on Snapchat if the music you want to use is not already included in the in-app audio library. To achieve that, you must create the sound you want to use in Stories and record the audio. Follow the steps below because we have just provided a detailed explanation of the procedure:

1. To access the My Sounds section, first touch on the musical note icon located in the right sidebar. To record a new sound for Snapchat, tap Create Sound here.

2. After you’ve finished recording the sound, press the stop button. Next, give the sound a name and save it by clicking the Save Sound button at the bottom of the screen.

3. You have the option to make your recorded sound (or original music) public if you want other Snapchat users to be able to utilise it. All you have to do is click the Save Sound button after entering the sound’s name and your username and turning on the Make this sound public? checkbox.

4. From this point forward, you may access the My Sounds area whenever you want to add these sounds to your Snapchat Stories or Snaps.

How to Share Music from Spotify to Snapchat Stories

You may also share music from streaming services like Spotify to Snapchat if you’re interested in doing so. To find out how it operates, adhere to the procedures below:

Go to the playback screen after starting Spotify. Tap the Share icon that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen after that. Select Snapchat when the share sheet appears, then wait for the app to take you to the messaging app.

2. After being taken to Snapchat, you have the option of sending the song as a Snap or adding it to your Story. Similar to how you can share your favourite Spotify songs in Instagram Stories, Snapchat only allows for that.

Use Music in Snapchat Stories

You now have all the information you need to add music to your Snapchat photo, video, or stories. Visit our article on the greatest Snapchat tips and techniques for more advice like this. If you’d rather use Instagram, read our article on sharing songs on Instagram stories and adding music to Instagram posts in the meantime. Additionally, let us know in the comments below if you utilise any trustworthy third-party apps to add music to Snapchat Stories on your public profile.