How to Add or Remove Music from Facebook Profile

Facebook would triumph over all other competitors if adaptability were the only criterion used to evaluate a social networking app. Facebook can be used to view entertaining short videos, play interactive games, meet attractive people for dating, promote your goods, or simply listen to your favourite music. Speaking of music, you can upload songs to your Facebook profile on iPhone and Android devices so you can stream them whenever you want while perusing your customised feed or chatting with your friends. That sounds intriguing. I’ll demonstrate how to change the music on your Facebook profile.

How to Add or Remove Music from Facebook Profile on iOS and Android

Facebook has a big song library integrated within it, so it can satisfy a wide range of musical preferences. Once you’ve added music, you may view the artist’s page, pin the songs to your profile, and even add the songs to your story. Additionally, you can remove songs if you ever discover that they no longer reflect your interests. Remember that anyone can check your collection of songs since they are public on your Facebook profile.

Add Music to Your Facebook Profile

1. Open the Facebook app on your phone and tap the profile image in the upper left corner.

2. A little farther down, select Music.

3. Find your favourite song or artist using the search function.

Hit the Add button once you’ve located the song you’re looking for. You are free to add as many tracks as you like to your profile. Select all the music you enjoy listening to by scrolling through the enormous library.

Note:In order to access the music library on your Android device, you must first hit the Add button in the top right corner. (View the screenshot on the left)

Listen to Songs You ve Added to Your Facebook Profile

That’s basically it! The music has been added to your Facebook profile successfully.

  1. Open Facebook app on your mobile device -> profile photo -> Music.

You only need to go to the same music section and select the song you want to listen to if you ever want to hear the songs you have uploaded.

2. At this point, you ought to see a list of every music you’ve added to your profile. Simply tap the music you want to hear.

  • If you want to listen to the full song on Spotify, tap the song and then hit Play Full Song On at the top left. Now, select Spotify in the popup menu that shows up at the bottom.

Pin Song to Your Facebook Profile or Remove Unwanted Songs


Facebook not only lets you pin songs but also lets you upload songs to your profile. You can also quickly remove songs from your profile if you decide you no longer enjoy them.

Launch Facebook on your device and select your profile picture and music.

2. Adjacent, click the three horizontal dots next to the desired music.

3. To remove the song, hit Delete song from profile or tap Pin to profile.

Add or Delete Songs on Facebook Profile

Note: You may view the artist’s page and add the music to your tale from this same pop-up menu.