How to Add Subtitles in Kodi v18 Leia

Kodi is a potent media player that enables you to stream movies, TV shows, music, and other multimedia as well as live broadcast TV, radio, games, and other things. Kodi is a terrific video player because, while having all these fancy capabilities, it is modest enough to play practically any video format you can throw at it. To further wow you, Kodi has built-in subtitle functionality to improve your media experience. Learn how to instal and add subtitles in Kodi 18 Leia if you haven’t already used this amazing feature.

Note: I’m using Kodi 18.8 Leia to demonstrate the process. The UI may alter slightly if you’re using a previous version of Kodi, but the general process should be fairly similar. In addition, you should update!

How to Install Subtitle Add-On on Kodi 18 Leia (2020)

Tracking pixels are present on some of the websites where Kodi add-ons can be downloaded. To secure your online privacy, utilise a trustworthy free VPN. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on to our guide.

  1. Open Kodi on your device -> Settings icon.

2. Next, select Add-ons.

3. After that, select Install from repository.

4. Then, select Subtitles.

5. Select the desired subtitle add-on at this point. I’m going to use for this test because it’s a well-liked website.

6. In order to instal your desired subtitle add-on, click Install.

So there you have it—how to instal your preferred subtitle add-ons. Now that you know how, take advantage of it by using Kodi to instal great add-ons like the unofficial Subscene and a4kSubtitles.

How to Enable Subtitles in Kodi

1. Launch Kodi and select Player Settings from the Settings menu.

Go to the Language tab next. Change the aforementioned options under Download Services to match what is shown below:

  • Languages to download subtitles for: English (you should select your language of choice here)
  • Default TV Show service:
  • Default movie service:

We’ll stick with OpenSubtitles in this case, but if you click Get more, you may also select from a number of other subtitle services, like Divxplanet, Pipocas, Subscene, etc. By all means, if you want, you can try with other services to locate the ideal one.

3. You must have an account in order to use OpenSubtitles for Kodi, so if you don’t already have one, go to their website and sign up for a free account. Don’t forget to confirm your email as well.

4. Return to the Kodi home screen and select Add-ons > My add-ons.

5. Click Subtitles> to continue.

6. After that, select Configure.

7. Type in the username and password you registered with. Once you’re done, click OK.

The end! You’ve successfully made Kodi’s subtitles available.

How to Enable Automatic Subtitles on Kodi with AutoSubs

You can activate automatic subtitles on Kodi by using an incredibly useful add-on called AutoSubs. Get the most out of this add-on if you like subtitles while you watch movies. Let me demonstrate how it operates.

1. If you haven’t already, instal to get started. To access subtitles, you go to Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from repository. Install findOpenSubtitles.organ now.

2. Return to the Settings page and select Add-ons > Install from repository.

3. Next, select Services.

4. Then select AutoSubs.

5. After that, select the Install button. The end! Moving future, subtitles will be automatically shown in movies and TV shows.

How to Display Subtitles in a Video Manually

You may quickly and easily add subtitles to any video with a few clicks at any time.

  1. The next time you re playing a TV show, a movie or any other video, just click on the Subtitles icon in the lower right-hand side.

2. Choose Download.

You should now see a list of the subtitles that are offered for the specific video. Any of them can be clicked to add the subtitle to the video that is now playing.

You might occasionally have to tinker with various subtitle listings if you can’t find exactly timed subtitles. Even the offset timing can be changed to achieve flawless audio and video synchronisation.

How to Set Up Subtitles Preferences on Kodi

You can tailor Kodi’s settings for subtitles to suit your needs. The procedure is equally simple.

  1. Open Kodi on your device -> Settings.

2. Right-click PlayerSettings and select Language.

3. After that, adjust the subtitle choices to your needs. You can select your favourite text subtitle font and subtitle language, for example. Additionally, you can choose which language subtitles should be downloaded for.

Best Kodi 18 Leia Add-ons in 2020

We’ve listed a few Kodi add-ons below if you’re looking for movies with these subtitles. These are the top 5 Kodi 18 Leia add-ons, despite the fact that picking only a handful from a large selection is never a simple task. Therefore, be sure to pay special attention to them if you’re looking for some cool adjustments to enhance your media viewing experience.

1. The Crew

The Crew should be mentioned in this roundup because it is well regarded by many Kodi users. A clutter-free user interface that allows for easy navigation making it one of the greatest Kodi add-ons. Additionally, you may combine it with real-debrid to maximise HD content.

For those who are not know, real-debrid is a service that allows for unlimited downloading and was created to lessen buffering for Kodi add-ons that provide on-demand content like movies and television series. The Crew offers a variety of high-quality links, including torrenting alternatives for buffer-free viewing, thanks to real-debrid integration. It’s one of the top Kodi add-ons overall.

2. Venom

The majority of movie lovers will likely find Venom to be an appealing Kodi add-on. And if you are one of them, you ought to give this well-liked Kodi add-on a shot. This Kodi movie add-on has a really nice user interface that makes finding things easy.

But the option to have your chosen content auto-play is what makes it so useful. So you can set it up to watch your favourite movies and TV episodes at the pace you like. Along with a vast content catalogue, it also integrates with real-debrid and to improve your media streaming experience. Not only that, but Venom also functions on a number of other gadgets, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

3. Numbers

Numbers is a fantastic option for people who enjoy watching movies and TV series because it was created to function as a fork for Exodus, a well-known Kodi add-on. It guarantees that you will always have something intriguing to stream because to its abundance of streaming content.

The fact that Numbers receives frequent upgrades is another noteworthy aspect. It always offers stuff that is trending as a result. The interface appears to be in good condition. Although the UI might require some tweaks to make it more intuitive, I don’t think this would be a deal-breaker for the majority of people.

4. Covenant

The Kodi add-on Covenant has long been a favourite. And guess what? In 2020, Kodi users will still find this timeless add-on to be appealing. It has a stylish user interface that makes navigating through it simple.

To help you keep all of your movies and TV series organised, Covenant includes a number of categories including movies, TV shows, my movies, my TV shows, channels, new episodes, tools, and more. Because Real-Debrid is integrated, buffering is minimised, improving the streaming experience.

5. Tempest

Tempest and Covenant collaborate to provide trustworthy links for movies and TV series. As a result, finding high-quality video for streaming becomes quite simple. Its layout and user interface are remarkably similar to those of Covenant. Therefore, if you have used Covenant before, you will find it to be immediately familiar.

It may be merged with real-debrid just like many other Kodi add-ons. In order to enjoy buffer-free streaming, you can find a variety of top-notch links, including torrenting choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Kodi Subtitles Work on Exodus?

The simple answer to this query is, of course, yes! You can easily enable subtitles on Exodus Kodi add-on due to the straightforward approach. Simply start a movie or TV show in the Exodus add-settings on’s menu and select the audio and subtitles options to complete the task. Now make sure the subtitles option is turned on.

Q. How do I Turn off Kodi Subtitles?

You may easily switch off subtitles if you decide you no longer want them. To turn off subtitles, all you have to do is bring up the on-screen menu when viewing a video. Next, select Save as default for all videos by scrolling down.

Q. Can I Get Subtitles on Kodi 18?

You can, indeed. Subtitles are supported by Kodi 18 Leia just like its predecessor. As was already noted, the most recent version of Kodi offers the support of a sizable number of subtitle add-ons. So picking a subtitle that suits your preferences is still simple.

Disclaimer: Since it is illegal to stream pirated content, we never advise our users to do so. Some add-ons might monitor your online activity and potentially sell your personal information to outside parties. Therefore, choose any add-ons carefully and move forward with them while keeping these outcomes in mind.

Add Subtitles in Kodi 18 Leia Using These Easy Method

You can quickly access subtitles while watching a movie or a TV show using these methods. The settings location may alter slightly depending on the Kodi version you have loaded, but the process should be pretty similar regardless. Please let me know whether the aforementioned techniques were successful for you. As long as we’re talking about Kodi, I’d also suggest you have a look at some of the greatest Kodi skins, top-rated builds, and notable competitors that can compete head-to-head with this well-known media player. These can significantly improve your streaming experience.