How to Appear Offline on Steam

Having trouble keeping up with all the notifications and messages on Steam? Or perhaps you’d want to squeeze in a few Rainbow Six Siege games in between tasks? We do, however, have the ideal answer for you. Check out the possibilities for Steam’s online status. You may use the cool controls in Steam to make yourself appear offline or even invisible to other users. This article has described how to appear offline on the desktop and mobile apps for Steam.

Appear Offline on Steam (2022)

Steam Status Options Meaning

Let’s go over the available status options and what they signify before we discuss how to appear offline:

  • Online You are online on Steam, and your friends will see your online status. Your name will appear in blue if you are online and green if you are in-game.
  • Away (orange) Marks your status as away. Typically used when you re stepping away from your keyboard. You can still access the chats when you re in away mode.
  • Invisible Invisible mode gives you access to all chat features while appearing offline to your friends.
  • Offline Appears offline on Steam. You won t get new messages and notifications when you have set your status to offline.

How to Appear Offline on Steam Desktop

1. Launch the desktop version of Steam and click the Friends menu in the top-left corner of the window.

2. You can select Offline, Invisible, or Away from the drop-down selection that now appears.

3. The bottom-right corner is another location where you can adjust the Steam online status. To start, simply click on Friends & Chat.

4. To broaden the options for your online status, click the down arrow next to your username when the chat window displays.

5. Select Offline or Invisible, and Steam will now show you as offline.

6. If you select the Offline state, as was already indicated, you won’t see any new messages. You will need to use the Sign in option to log in to the chat again.

Appear Offline on Steam Mobile (Android & iOS)

1. Launch the Steam application and select the hamburger menu located in the top-left corner. To appear offline on your mobile device, select Go Offline from the sidebar.

2. To hide your online status on Steam, select Invisible from the hamburger menu while using the more recent version of the Steam chat programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the distinction between invisible and offline on Steam?

You are logged out of the conversation when Steam is offline, and you won’t receive new message alerts. On the other hand, you can talk with your gaming friends while seeming offline on Steam by setting your status to invisible.

If I’m invisible on Steam, can my buddies still see me?

No, being invisible on Steam prevents your friends from seeing you on the online list or from knowing what you’re playing.

How long can Steam remain offline?

On Steam, offline mode is a permanent state. If you don’t use invisible mode, you will need to sign in to check for new messages.

Easily Hide Online Status on Steam

Players that like to play single-player games in peace and privacy should use Steam’s online status hiding feature. In the meantime, if you frequently use Steam to play games, be sure to read our tutorials on how to obtain the software for Chromebooks and Android TV.