How to Authorize/Deauthorize Mac from iTunes Store in macOS Catalina

Up to five computers can be given permission to access your entire library of music, movies, and other items from the iTunes Store with a single Apple ID. Therefore, you may watch your favourite movies and listen to customised playlists without switching between devices, regardless of which trusted PC you own. But with iTunes shut down in macOS Catalina by Apple, how would you now authorise your Mac? The software giant has made sure that the discontinuation of iTunes won’t affect any of the connected features, including this crucial one. So, keep reading as I demonstrate how you may authorise or disauthorize your Mac for iTunes Store purchases in macOS Catalina without any problem, whether you’re prepared to licence one of your Macs to access your whole jukebox or preparing to sell/give away or send your computer to service.

Authorize or Deauthorize Mac for iTunes Store Purchases on macOS Catalina

I’d want to start by giving you a brief overview of the entire procedure so you can get a handle on it quickly.

So, Does the Whole Process Work Without iTunes?

We’ll start by revealing the iTunes Store. You did really hear correctly! Although Apple has partially hidden the media library, you may easily make it visible via the built-in music app. As soon as that is finished, everything resumes as normal. Let’s jump right into the step-by-step breakdown now that everything is crystal obvious!

Show iTunes Store in Music App on macOS

  1. Launch Music app on your Mac.

2. Select Preferences from the Music menu by clicking it now.

3. Make sure theGeneraltab is chosen. After that, select Show in the box to the left of the iTunes Store. Then click OK to complete.

The iTunes Store will now appear in the music app’s sidebar going forward. You get access to all of your content as a result. Return to the Music Preferences and, at the very end, uncheck the box for the iTunes Store if you ever wish to hide it.

Authorizing or Deauthorizing Mac from iTunes Store

  1. Launch Music app on your Mac.

2. Next, select Authorizations from the Account menu by clicking on it.

Third, you have two choices:

Give This Computer Permission:

If you want to give this macOS device permission, choose it. Enter your Apple ID and password after that. Click Authorize to confirm after that.

View All of Your Authorized Computers in macOS Catalina

Remove This Computer From Use:

  1. Open Music app on your Mac. Then, click on the Account menu and choose View My Account.

To deauthorize this macOS device, choose it. After logging in with your Apple ID, click “De-authorize” to complete.

From the music app, you can also get a list of all of your approved computers. Make verify your account is signed in.

2. At this point, you might be asked to check in with your Apple ID. Do it.

Deauthorize All the Computers

Navigate to the section titled “Apple ID summary” on the Account Information page. Check how many computers your Apple ID has been authorised on now.

Remember that if you haven’t allowed two or more machines, this area won’t show up.

Manage Your Authorized Mac for iTunes Store with Ease

You can deauthorize every computer at once in case you decide not to use any of the ones you previously approved. On the Account info page, select the Deauthorize All option, then confirm your selection.