How to Avoid Tolls and Highways Using Apple Maps on iPhone

Although Apple Maps has made significant strides recently to become a respectable rival, at least on iDevices, Google Maps may still remain the industry leader across all platforms, including the Apple ecosystem. Along with providing accurate results, the Apple navigation app has also included some noteworthy features like ETA sharing and avoiding tolls and highways. If you utilise the built-in navigation software, you should be aware of this useful function so you can save money in addition to getting where you’re going quickly. All set? Keep reading to learn how to use Apple Maps on iPhone and Mac to avoid tolls and highways!

Avoid Tolls and Highways Using Apple Maps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

After using it myself, I can confirm that Apple Maps dependably supports this feature. Therefore, it can live up to the anticipation whether you are still attempting to improve your driving technique or are willing to remove all the hurdles to reach the goal smoothly. If you’re still running an earlier operating system like iOS 12 or macOS Mojave and wondering whether you can use this feature, I should point out that it has been around for a while. You shouldn’t have any trouble trying it out, therefore.

Avoiding Tolls and Motorways in Apple Maps on iOS

1. Open the Settings app on your phone or tablet.

2. Go down the page and press on Maps.

3. Click on Driving & Navigation next.

4. Activate the toggles for Tolls and Motorways under the Avoidsection.

The end! In the future, the maps app will assist you in avoiding tolls and highways so that you can get at your destination without incident. Go return to the Maps settings and turn the toggles off if you ever change your mind.

Avoiding Tolls and Motorways in Apple Maps on macOS

  1. Open Apple Maps on your Mac.

2. Select Directions from the View menu by clicking it now.

3. Next, select Avoid Tolls/Highways under Driving Option.

Keep Tolls and Highways at Bay in Apple Maps

So that’s how you should use Apple Maps to avoid tolls and highways. Did you think this function was useful? Please share your opinions and let us know which features Apple’s navigation app should copy from Google Maps in order to compete with the latter effectively on all fronts.