How to Batch Rename Files in Windows 11

Sometimes, in order to handle a huge collection of files properly, you might want to simultaneously rename every single one of them. Manually renaming every file can be a hassle, but Windows 11 has a few options for mass renaming your files. We’ll walk you through the process of batch renaming files in Windows 11 in this article.

Batch Rename Files in Windows 11 (2022)

Batch Rename Files with Windows 11 File Explorer

Did you know that you may batch rename files using the built-in file explorer in Windows 11? While it lacks the versatility of PowerToys or other third-party batch file renaming programmes, it serves most users’ needs. This is how it goes:

1. Open File Explorer by pressing Win+E on a Windows 11 keyboard, then choose the files you want to rename. Select the files you want to rename by selecting them with the right click menu. To rename the files, you can also use the F2 keyboard shortcut.

2. Press the Enter key after entering the new name for the files. It’s important to note that Windows will give all the selected files with various numbers the same name, even if you will only see the text box in one of the selected photos.

3. As seen in the figure below, Windows successfully renamed all of the chosen files with the same name in a batch. This is all you need to quickly rename many files on Windows 11 if you don’t mind the file name ending in a number.

Use PowerToys to Batch Rename Files in Windows 11

1. Run the setup file after downloading the most recent PowerToys installer from GitHub. To finish the setup and launch PowerToys, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

2. Review your PowerRename settings by selecting Open Settings from the left sidebar of PowerToys after it has opened.

3. You’ll see that the Enable PowerRename toggle is turned on by default. Activate PowerRename if that isn’t the case.

4. Right-click on the files you wish to rename to select them. Expand the context menu by clicking Show additional choices, then select PowerRename.

5. When the PowerRename interface loads, type the word you wish to change in the top box and the new term in the Replace with textbox.

6. To batch rename files on Windows 11 with PowerRename, click on the Apply button in the bottom-left corner of the application.

Third-Party App to Batch Rename Windows 11 Files

To rename files in mass, you might also think about employing specialised batch renaming software. Although there are many solutions available, we would suggest FastStone’s Photo Resizer as one programme. Although the app has a retro appearance, it is quick and requires no training.

1. Download FastStone Photo Resizer, instal it, then go to the folder where the files you wish to rename are located.

To add the files to the renaming queue, first choose the files and then click the Add button.

2. You can now search for and change particular words in the file name to set the common name or use the filename template. Using the symbols described in the app’s suggestions section, you can also use the parent folder’s name, year, date, and more. Click on the Rename button to rename files in bulk after choosing the desired name and format.

3. You’ll get a confirmation question from the application. To accept the changes, select Yes.

Bulk Rename Files Easily in Windows 11

4. The files you’ve chosen will now be renamed by FastStone, and the results can be seen on the following page.