How to Block Ads in iPhone Games

While the popular games are typically entertaining to play, if you’ve ever tried free games like Crowd City or Helix Jump on your iPhone, you’ve probably seen the overwhelming amount of commercials that sour the experience. Ads in free games are now acceptable because they allow game makers to make money. However, some games overuse advertisements out of avarice, which is why you might be considering iPhone ad blockers. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to accomplish this. How to prevent advertisements in iPhone games is shown below.

Avoid Ads in Games on iPhone (2022)

There are a number of ways to control advertisements and pop-ups even if Apple does not have a built-in ad blocker that allows you to block adverts on your entire device. You can select the appropriate solutions based on your demands since there are both free and paid methods.

Use Adguard DNS to Block Ads in iOS Games

Using Adguard DNS to route your internet traffic is the simplest approach to prevent advertising from appearing in iPhone games. Because this DNS was created specifically to stop advertisements, it can block adverts in virtually all games. With free games like Crowd City, Helix Jump, and others that typically display a lot of advertisements, I tested Adguard DNS. All advertising in games like these are entirely blocked by Adguard DNS. Here is how to configure it.

Note: We tested this technique on iOS 15 and iOS 16, and it worked flawlessly on both. You can dependably use this strategy to ban adverts in your games if iOS 16 is installed on your iPhone.

  • On your iPhone, open Safari and head over to the Adguard DNS public DNS website (visit). Here, click on Method 2
  • Click on iOS to expand the iOS steps. With the Default server selected, click on Download Profile .
  • Once the profile is downloaded, open Settings and tap on the banner that says Profile downloaded . Tap on Install and follow the instructions on-screen to install the profile on your iPhone.

As soon as the profile is set up, Adguard DNS ought to be operational on your iPhone. But if it isn’t, or if you just want to make sure it’s activated, follow these instructions.

  • Go to Settings -> General -> VPN, DNS & Device Management.
  • Tap on DNS and choose DoH as the preferred DNS.

Pro-tip: Go to your iPhone’s DNS settings and select Automatic if you wish to return to using the standard DNS rather than Adguard.

Other Ways to Try and Block Ads

If you’re seeking for some more strategies to try to prevent advertisements in your games, continue on even if the method we’ve discussed above works extremely well and completely blocks all adverts in every game I’ve tested. The greatest alternatives to blocking advertisements in iPhone games are listed below.

1. Use Airplane Mode to Instantly Block Ads

Guessing is not rewarded! On iPhone and iPad, using the aeroplane mode to block adverts in games has long been a pretty good strategy. You may easily stop adverts by simply activating aeroplane mode because the majority of advertisements utilise an internet connection to provide them. The control centre makes it simple to turn on this mode.

Turn on Airplane Mode on iPhone and iPad Without Home Button
  • Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to access the control center.
  • Now, hit the airplane icon to turn it on.
Turn on Airplane Mode on iPhone and iPad With Home Button
  • Swipe up from the bottom edge of the display to bring up the control center.
  • Next, tap the airplane icon to turn it on.

Both the cellular and Wi-Fi icons are greyed out while aeroplane mode is engaged. The Wi-Fi icon, in contrast to the cellular icon, can be activated even when aeroplane mode is in use.

Ads won’t appear in your iPhone games if there is no internet connection. Play your favourite games today with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that random adverts won’t keep you from enjoying yourself. Sometimes there may be empty areas for advertisements. Keep in mind that not all games are created to function offline, and numerous functions may not function if your device is not online. The aeroplane mode method is appropriate for you if you are prepared to live with these drawbacks.

2. Turn Off Cellular and Wi-Fi from Settings App

Disabling cellular and Wi-Fi from the Settings app is an additional simple method for iOS users to stop adverts.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, go to Wi-Fi and Cellular settings and then turn off the toggles.

Your iPhone games won’t have advertisements if your internet connection is totally deactivated. As a result, you can play your favourite games uninterrupted.

3. Turn Off Cellular for Specific Games

You can control how iOS apps access cellular data. As a result, you can permit or prevent particular apps from using cellular data. It gives you the required flexibility to turn only some programmes or games offline rather than totally turning off the internet connection on your entire device. This specific function can be used to disable adverts in iPhone game apps.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and choose Mobile/Cellular.
  • Now, scroll down to find the game where you want to block ads and then turn off the toggle next to it.

4. Use Luna Adblocker to Block Ads in Games on iPhone and iPad

Even though the App Store is crammed with adblockers, practically all of them are made for Safari. Although some adblckers for the iPhone make the promise to block advertising in all apps and games, they fall short of the mark. So, while choosing them to block adverts in games, you must be very selective.

After experimenting with a number of adblockers, both paid and unpaid, I think Luna is a pretty good bet. Due to the lack of a full-featured programme, installing Luna adblocker is a little different. You must trust Luna’s certificate and install the ad-blocking VPN profile using Safari.

1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to this link after that. Remember that Safari is required for the installation procedure, so be sure to open the link in Apple’s browser.

2. After entering your birth year, select the Adblocking VPN Profile button.

3. After that, tap Profile Downloaded, which is located just beneath your profile, in the Settings app on your device. You must select Profile Downloaded from the list of alerts under Settings if there are several alerts already present.

4. After that, tap Install in the top right corner and continue by entering your device passcode.

5. A warning will now appear, stating that adding the certificate to your iPhone or iPad’s list of trusted certificates will result from installing the Adblock Extension Root Certificate Authority. Until you enable it in the Certificate Trust Settings, this certificate will not be trusted by websites. Hit Done after selecting Install in the top-right corner of the screen.

6. Select About after going to Settings -> General.

7. Make sure the toggle for “Adblock Extension Root Certification” is switched on and then scroll down to the bottom and touch “Certificate Trust Settings.”

The end! Play any of your favourite games right now without having to deal with obtrusive advertisements. The Luna adblocker will effectively prevent advertisements.

Enjoy Ad-Free Gaming on Your iPhone and iPad

So that’s how you quickly and simply ban adverts in iPhone games. Hopefully you are now able to enjoy your favourite games without being interrupted by advertising, regardless of whether you are using Adguard DNS, a substitute like Luna ad blocker, or anything else. Which approach did you find to be the most effective, and which do you now use on your iPhone to block ads? Tell us in the comments section below.