How to Block Emails on Gmail

If we are not careful about the services we sign up for, our email inboxes can quickly get clogged with spam emails. Thankfully, email services like Gmail give users a means to block emails. You may prioritise emails and make sure you don’t miss out on crucial communication among all the spammy promotions by blocking undesirable emails. We have outlined the procedures for blocking emails on Gmail in this article.

Block Emails on Gmail: A Detailed Guide (2022)

Block Emails on Gmail Website (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

1. Open the email from the sender you want to ban after logging into your Gmail account. Next, select the vertical three-dot icon located in the mail’s upper right corner.

2. When a selection of choices is displayed, select Block email sender>.

3. To block the email address in Gmail, click OK on the confirmation screen.

Unblock Emails on Gmail Website

1. Before you can unblock someone’s emails, click the Settings gear symbol in the top-right corner.

2. To review Gmail settings, select See all settings when the Quick settings pop-up displays.

3. From here, pick the email addresses you want to unblock by going to the Filters and Blocked Address area. Click Unblock Selected Addresses to proceed.

4. To unblock the sender, click Unblock when prompted for confirmation.

Block Emails on Gmail MobileApp (Android & iPhone)

On the Gmail mobile app, blocking someone is a simple process. Open the email from the sender, select Block sender> from the vertical three-dot menu, and then click Open. And doing that, Gmail will no longer send you spam at this email address.

Unblock Emails on Gmail Mobile App (Android & iPhone)

Open the email from the blocked sender in the Gmail mobile app, and then tap the Unblock sender button. Moving forward, new emails from the sender will land in your Gmail inbox.

Getting Spam Emails? How to Unsubscribe from Unwanted Emails

Open the email account in Gmail and click the Unsubscribe option next to the email address at the top if you want to stop receiving annoying marketing emails.

Depending on the provider, you may be able to unsubscribe with a single click or you may be taken to a specific homepage asking for input on your decision to stop receiving emails. If the Unsubscribe button is not visible next to the email address in Gmail, it can be found anywhere near the bottom of the email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they know when you block someone on Gmail?

No, blocking someone on Gmail does not notify the sender.

How can I prohibit Gmail emails from reaching my recipients in secret?

Unwanted emails in Gmail can be deleted using the Block button in the mail window. In this article, we go into great depth on how to block someone on Gmail.

Why does Gmail continue to receive prohibited emails?

Most likely, the person is using a new email address if you have already blocked them and you have gotten an email from them. You must now block the new email address as well.

Block Unwanted Emails to Clean up Your Inbox

These are the techniques for blocking emails sent by a specific user on Gmail via the website and mobile app. You can choose to archive emails rather than completely block them if you don’t want to. From our linked instruction, you may learn how to archive emails and locate archived emails in Gmail. We also advise using folders and labels to keep your mailbox organised after you’re done with it.