How to Block Pop-up Ads on Android

While Android is really good at customisation, it also gives apps a lot of opportunities to sneakily obtain permissions and use them to push advertisements. On Android devices, full-screen pop-up advertisements are one of the causes. You can disable these kind of annoying adverts, though, in a few simple methods. I’ve included some clear and easy techniques in this article for blocking pop-up advertisements on Android. I’ve also covered how to reduce obtrusive advertisements in Chrome along with that. With that said, let’s jump right into the content.

Block Pop-up Ads on Android

All Android versions, including Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, and the most recent OS versions, can be used using the methods listed below.

Additionally, by doing these actions, you can eliminate redirects to spammy websites, get rid of misleading links, and enhance Chrome’s security in general. After that, let’s walk through the steps.

1. If full-screen pop-up advertisements suddenly start appearing on your screen, rogue apps must be exploiting a particular Android permission to do so. Open the Settings page and look for Display over other programmes to identify the offender. Open it now. Look for Appear on top or Display overlay if your device is running Nougat or a later version.

2. Tap on the same menu on the following page to see a list of apps that have this specific permission. It enables the programmes to overlay other apps or show a pop-up window on top of them.

3. Next, look through the list of installed apps and disable any questionable ones. If you can’t find the offending app, disable all the apps at once and start granting permission to each one one at a time, starting with the ones you trust. Once you’ve identified the offending app, either completely delete it or, if it’s a necessary app for you, keep the permissions disabled.

4. Full-screen and bothersome advertising may appear while you browse the internet if you use Chrome on Android. Open Chrome and go to Settings to prevent these kind of pop-up adverts. Scroll down and click Site Settings here.

5. After that, open Pop-ups and Redirects and ensure that the toggle is off.

6. Return, open Ads, and turn off the toggle. This will stop the annoying or misleading adverts.

Stop Full-screen Pop-up Ads on Android Completely

7. Additionally, on the Settings tab, you can enable Lite Mode or Data Saver mode. In order to remove all the extraneous elements like pop-up advertising, large ad banners, and misleading links, it loads the web pages from Google’s servers.